Harbor: A Complete Guide on Best Maps to Play Harbor on

Harbor Guide
20/10/2022 | Harbor is a new controller in Valorant. He can be the most powerful agent in the maps listed below. So we have the Harbor guide for you. | Credits: YouTube

New Valorant agent Harbor has splashed down in the server, bringing with him the potential to summon the tides to structure and divide the battlefield. Designed to compete at once with Viper, Harbor is a promising choice on maps the place Viper is nearly completely played, most relatively Breeze and Icebox. Here is the guide on Harbor.

However, he performs very in another way from Viper. While Viper excels as a passive website anchor and lurker. Harbor’s package approves him to play extra aggressively and take area early on in the round. Once High Tide is up. His crew is aware that it’s time to attack. This is a controller that is markedly higher on the offense than defense, so the groups that want aggression may additionally select him over Viper.

Here’s a appear at the nice maps to play him on.

The Best Guide on Maps to Play Harbor


With its lengthy sightlines, a wall controller is imperative to controlling sites and executing on Breeze. A wall smoke blocks off a couple of angles throughout giant areas with wonderful efficiency, whereas some people who smoke like Omen, Astra, and Brimstone would want to burn up a couple of smokes to do the identical thing.

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At the identical time, there may want to be deadly gaps via the smoke, giving opponents a free chance to select aside your setup. Like Viper’s Toxic Screen, Harbor’s High Tide can divide each A and B sites through the usage of very comparable lineups, permitting his group to take manipulation extra easily.


The equal applies to Icebox. Harbor’s wall comparably interacts with the extended floor as Viper. Which capacity that can additionally block off Snowman and B pinnacle website online when angled correctly.

On A site, Harbor’s wall can additionally reduce off each pinnacle of Screens and Rafters. It may additionally have a gain over Viper’s wall, due to the fact it can be curved to block off the entrance to Rafters. On the different hand, Viper’s Toxic Screen will solely block off Screens. And she will want to use Poison Cloud if she needs to dim Rafters as well.

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The bullet-blocking Cove bubble can additionally be used to help in planting the spike, comparable to Sage’s wall. While it isn’t as long-lasting as Sage’s wall and enemies can nevertheless push into it, it should nevertheless show fundamental in taking area and shopping for time, especially on retakes.


On Bind, Harbor should discover himself section of a double controller composition, alongside Brimstone. When attacking A site, his wall can be curved to cowl the size of the site and Lamps, permitting your crew to push from each Short and Showers.

When standing backyard of the A teleporter. Harbor is additionally in a position to ship his wall via the teleporter and curve it to cowl each Hookah and Garden, supplying some cowl for his group on defense. And due to the fact. High Tide operates on a 40-second cooldown. He has increased flexibility in mid-round conditions and is in a position to set up his wall for a 2nd time on an extraordinary site.

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Pearl Harbor may also simply be twisted in shape made for every other. High Tide can be curved to cowl each B Tower and B Hall. When defending the B site. His wall can additionally cowl each A Main and Art, identical to Viper.

However, he will likely want a 2nd dome smoker like Astra to return him up. Especially on defense. His competencies lack stopping power, and he can’t assist his teammates on the contrary web page whilst defending.

Harbor is now handy to play in Episode 5 Act III.

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