Errors Related to Duality Card Valorant: Fix Them

Having trouble in claiming the free reward in Valorant? Here are the errors and their solution related to the duality card in Valorant.

Duality Card Valorant
Duality Card

Duality Card Valorant: Recently, Valorant released a kind of gift for their players naming Duality Card. Moreover, there are several errors when you’ll try to claim them. So, what are they, and how to fix the errors related to duality card Valorant.

List of Errors Related to Duality Card Valorant

Earlier, Valorant dropped a video naming Duality. Furthermore, it was announced on the stage of the VCT Masters finals that there is a free reward waiting for the gamers naming Duality Card. However, the code for the card was valid for only 48 hours.

Moreover, so many users tried to claim it and as a result, the website traffic went so high that it remained rash for maximum time. Furthermore, Valorant tweeted and said that they have extended the tenure as the website was not working and gave a second chance for the players.

However, still, there were a lot of errors related to the card. Let’s have a look and their solutions.

1.503 Service Unavailable Valorant

Most of the players are facing a 503 Service Unavailable issue and this is because the website is crashed. Moreover, Valorant tweeted and said they are still working on the website and it will be resolved soon.

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2.You have reached maximum entries for this code Valorant

Once when you finally get the chance to claim the reward by putting in the code, the ‘You have reached maximum entries for this code’ message might open up. However, this is also an error related to the card.

There are two solutions to this. First one, refresh the page and put the code again, do it 4-5 times until it is done. The second one is, sometimes it shows the message but the reward is already sent to your account. So, make sure to check your account even after getting the pop-up of you have reached maximum entries for this code.

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3. The entry code submitted is not valid at this time Valorant

This is another error that you might face while claiming the reward. Furthermore, the only solution to ‘The entry code submitted is not valid at this time’ also is to try refreshing the page or come back after 1-2 hours to claim it again.

However, Valorant has not announced a deadline to claim the award now because of the error they are getting related to the duality card in Valorant.

Redeem Link Valorant

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