Know The Bugs And Glitches Of Omen in Valorant

Here are all the details about the recent bug spotted in Omen's ability.

Bugs And Glitches Of Omen in Valorant:
Know everything about agent Omen here

Bugs And Glitches Of Omen in Valorant: Omen is one of the controllers agents in Valorant. Moreover, it is one of the most used agents in Valorant because of its abilities. Recently, many players have reported issues about the omen being inconsistent with its teleport ability.

So, let’s have a brief look at, what is the issue and what Valorant is doing to fix it.

Omen Bugs in Valorant: Everything You Need To Know

Bugs And Glitches Of Omen in Valorant:
Omen is famous for its TP ability

Omen is an agent which deals with shadows. He is one of those agents who was released along with the game in the starting. Moreover, he has abilities like flash, which blinds the enemies. Also, he can use his smoke ability to block the angles. And, his most famous ability is teleporting.

The teleporting ability helps Omen players to displace from one place to another. Moreover, this is the ability that makes the agent one of the most unique and used. Omen is more preferred from other agents because its smokes last longer and the teleporter plus flash combination is one of the finest in the game.

Recently, many players reported bugs regarding Omen in Valorant. Moreover, these kinds of bugs are very rarely seen in Riot’s Valorant since its launch. After the addition of the fracture map, the teleporter of Omen has become inconsistent. Furthermore, there are spaces where players are not able to teleport.

Most of these places are near the corners and walls. One of Valorant’s streamers Flexninja showed the bug related to Omen in the Fracture and Bind Map.

What Is The Issue?

As you can see from the video, flexninja explains the inconsistency of Omen’s teleporter. However, this is not the only case regarding Omen.

Most of the players also fail to teleport at the exact location, where they want. However, this is a very minute issue that is less seen.

Omen is one of the most used agents in Valorant and these Bugs will make players rethink the agent selection. However, if you have mastered the Omen agent, these might be just a small issue for you, but the not teleporting issue is creating a lot of problems.

As of now, there are no statements that came from Riot, but soon they might roll up a patch in order to fix these kinds of small bugs and glitches in Valorant including the agent Omen.

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