BREAKING: Godlike Gets The PMGC Invitational Slot

Know how Godlike esports qualified for PMGC despite finishing 4th in the BGIS finals.

Godlike PMGC Invitational
Team Godlike Esports will be traveling to Dubai for PMGC

Godlike PMGC Invitational: Despite finishing 4th in the BGIS Finals, it looks like Godlike esports are all set to represent the Indian team at PMGC. Moreover, there were certain rules set by the officials considering the pandemic. And it looks like, it’s Godlike esports who is going to fulfill it.

Earlier, Gemwire announced that Godlike esports are going to travel to Dubai in order to represent India at PMGC. However, it is still not confirmed by the officials.

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Know How Godlike Esports Qualified for PMGC

It was announced by officials that PMGC will have one invitational slot. Furthermore, this slot was for an Indian team and the BGIS winner will qualify for the tournament.

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However, considering the pandemic, the official set some rules. These rules were:

  • All the winning players to have a passport with at least six months validity.
  • Players should have been fully vaccinated and tested negative before traveling abroad for grand finals


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All the passports were supposed to be submitted by 11 PM IST 16th January. Now, Skylightz gaming have confirmed that one of their player ‘Gamla Boy’ doesn’t have a passport. The 2nd placed team TSM manager also confessed that two of their players don’t have passports.

Team XO’s reason is unclear about denying the PMGC slot. So, now it comes down to the 4th team which is Godlike for the PMGC invitational slot. The team has represented the country several times on the international stage and meets all the requirements.

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DIVE DEEPER: Skylightz Gaming Wins BGIS And Will Represent India At PMGC

Ocean Sharma’s Transfer To Godlike

Caster Ocean Sharma and Godlike owner ‘Kronten’ confirmed that the team will be traveling to Dubai for the PMGC finals. Skylightz gaming has also loaned their analyst Ocean Sharma to Godlike for helping them for the tournament.

The post also confirms, why Skylightz gaming will not be travelling. In one of it’s line it says, Unfortunately, 2 of our players did not meet the eligibility criteria for PMGC Grand Finals 2021.”

This transfer of Ocean Sharma to Godlike confirms the news which was spread by Gemwire earlier this morning.

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Godlike PMGC Invitational
PMGC 2022

The PMGC Finals will start from January 21 and will end on January 23.

So, are you excited about India’s most aggressive team is going to represent the country. What’s your views on team Godlike going to PMGC, drop your views in the comment section below.

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