Team XO, Godlike Favourites To Play PMGC: TSM

TSM won the Skysports Mobile Open as they finished on top and they’ll be eyeing the PMGC slot by winning the BGIS. Moreover, this will give them a major boost ahead of the BGIS. Battleground India Series is going to be the first official BGMI tournament, where the Indian teams will be competing to qualify for PMGC.

Thanks to Skyesports organizers, Moroesports was handed an opportunity to ask a few questions from the winning team. So, here are some of the answers, that TSM players and managers have to say.

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What TSM Players Have To Say About PMGC?

TSM is currently one of the best teams in Battlegrounds Mobile India’s competitive scene. Furthermore, the team won the Mobile Open 2021, which was probably the last biggest tournament of the year.

Next year, they’ll be playing BGIS and will be hoping to win it qualify for the PMGC. So, let’s move forward to the questions.


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Question-1: Indian teams have not played scrims with International teams for a very long time, how much it will affect on PMGC performance?

ANSWER: There’s not much difference, but we’ll surely take a look at their playstyle and how they play.

Question-2: Apart from TSM and Godlike, if you want to see a team in PMGC, which team do you wish to see there?

ANSWER: Team XO, they’re good.

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Question-3: Apart from Gunpower and aggressive strategy, what makes your team special than others?

ANSWER: We have a good co-ordination among the teammates and we trust each other.

Question-4: How do you deal with the hate you receive? The reason for the hate is something related to the previous TSM team?

ANSWER: They were one of the most loved team in the community, but we rose from the bottom. We also underperformed earlier, that’s why we receive the hate. But now, we’re the best team and it will be there.

I think players are mature to understand this.

Question-5: What are the advantages, you guys feel you’re having as a TSM team?

ANSWER: Before the ban, there were some. We were better than other teams as an Org, but now, the bar is high, and every other team is best when it comes to providing support to players.

Question-6: Aquanox, How to do you feel to leave Jonathan behind, as he’s your idol as you mentioned him on your Insta Bio?

ANSWER: It’s always a great feeling to be on the level of your ideal. I’ll work hard and harder to maintain this.

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