Genshin Impact Upcoming Characters Leaks in 3.6 Update

Genshin Impact Upcoming Characters Leaks in 3.6 Update
21/03/2023/ Genshin Impact Upcoming Characters Leaks in 3.6 Update

While new locales and characters from the country of Dendro are released with each update, Genshin Impact is still firmly rooted in the Sumeru chapter. Each character has been actively developed as the player’s main unit for DPS, support, and other duties. HoYoverse has brought in repeats of earlier versions, which has immensely helped them.

One particular character hasn’t interacted with the community since November 2021, just like previous replays. According to reputable data miners, her name is Eula, and she is anticipated to return.

1. Eula Rerun

The whispers of an Eula repeat have the neighborhood buzzing. One of the strongest DPS characters in the game is the Cryo Claymore wielding. She doesn’t need the help of other elements to do sheer physical damage to any adversary.

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Uncle Lu, a well-known leaker in the neighborhood, disclosed that Eula will receive a repeat in Genshin Impact 3.8. While there are still three and a half updates between them and the captain of the Reconnaissance Company, players who have been waiting can start saving now.

2. Baizhu and Kaveh

Baizhu and Kaveh, which both make their debuts in version 3.6, are both more near to being released than Eula is. On April 12, 2023, the update and two extra replays of Nahida and Nilou are scheduled to air.

Some sources claim that players may anticipate seeing Baizhu and Kaveh in the second phase of 3.6. A 5-star Dendro Catalyst user, Baizhu’s skills suggest that he will serve as a healer and a shielder. In contrast, Kaveh will be a 4-star Dendro Claymore user.

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Based on his own elemental mastery and those of his teammates, Kaveh may inflict burst Dendro damage.

3. Momoka

Another new character made known by the leaks doing the rounds online is Momoka. It has been strange to watch her change during the process because she is now a 4-star Dendro Sword user (previously a 5-star Geo Bow).

She could be a shielder, however that could alter given that her previous iteration featured a Geo vision keychain, is all that is known about her kit. She should be made available in version 3.7.

4. Lyney and Linette

When HoYoverse debuted the Fontaine characters in their “Genshin Impact: Storyline Preview” video back at the game’s launch, Lyney and Linette were teased; however, current leaks disclose both the characters’ kits. Linette will be a 4-star Anemo Sword user, and Lyney appears to be a 5-star Bow Pyro user.

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