Genshin Impact Rosaria: Ultimate Build, Artefacts, and More!

Genshin Impact Rosaria: Ultimate Build, Artefacts, and More!
Genshin Impact Rosaria: Ultimate Build, Artefacts, and More!

Are you looking to get the most out of your Rosaria in Genshin Impact? We all know how powerful this character is in the game. That’s why here we have a complete and ultimate guide for you to use Rosaria. In this blog post, you will read about its best build combinations, artifacts, and many more things. So, if you want to learn more about your Rosaria then keep reading this blog post.

Benefits of making Rosaria’s affinity rate 100%. Elemental explosions and natural effects can give the team a buff with a +15% affinity rate. By specializing in critical rate and charge efficiency, it is possible to maintain almost all elemental explosions in rapid succession.

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Genshin Impact Rosaria Ultimate Build

Regarding, giving the critical rate buff, when Rosaria activates the Elemental Explosion (Death Ritual), it will increase the critical rate of all team members excluding Rosaria by 15% of her critical rate for 10 seconds.

Example: If Rosaria’s Affinity rate is 50% +7.5%, if it is 100% +15%.

The maximum increase limit is 15%, so if you keep your affinity rate at 100%, you can get the maximum 15% increase! If you add Ice Resonance to it, it is possible to increase the Affinity rate of team members by 30% in total!

Continuing about ②, the 4 convex effects (recovers 5 elemental energy if the elemental skill (Sin Eater’s Confession) is critical) and the confirmed criticality are good. By equipping “, you can efficiently loop elemental explosions.

As you can see in the image above, the elemental energy is filling up again even during the effect of Rosaria’s elemental explosion.

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As a basic strategy, keep in mind to always maintain the elemental explosion, “elemental explosion → attack with another character → go back and elemental skill → elemental explosion”.

For example, since Genshin Impact Rosaria’s elemental energy is 60 groups and the elemental skill has a cooldown time of 6 seconds, it is possible to loop the elemental explosion with only Rosaria herself, “elemental explosion → elemental skill → normal attack → elemental skill → elemental explosion “.

And since the perfect convex effect reduces the physical resistance of the enemy hit by the elemental explosion attack by 20%, it can be connected to characters that mainly use physical attacks such as Euurua, and the death ritual will generate an area of ​​continuous ice elemental damage. Also recommended for freeze/thaw PT.

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Genshin Impact Rosaria Weapon Recommendation:  “Dragonspine Spear”.

Genshin Impact Rosaria: Ultimate Build, Artefacts, and More!
Genshin Impact Rosaria: Ultimate Build, Artefacts, and More!

As a weapon, you need a spear (long-handled weapon) that has a critical hit rate as its main effect, so we recommend using the ” Fighting Spear ” (★4), which is a reward for traveling in the sky.

As another option, there is also the “Wakuritsu (★5)”, which also has an affinity rate as the main effect, but even if it is strengthened to level 90, the affinity rate will only increase to ” 22.1% “, making it difficult to carefully select holy relics.

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Death Combat Spear is “36.8% ” after level 90 enhancement, so it’s easier to carefully select the holy relics described later, and the basic effect is always active, so this is currently the best.

Artifact Recommendation: Insulation Flag series.

If you use ” Flag of Insulation “, you can increase the element charge efficiency with 2 set effects, and increase the power of elemental explosion with 4 set effects.

There is also synergy with the supporter-type Genshin Impact Rosaria who wants to fire elemental explosions, and the flag of isolation, which is also useful for other characters, has the advantage of making it easy to go around unexplored regions.

And to reach 100% of the main theme, only the death fighting spear (36.8%) and the Critical Crown (31.1%) will be a total of “67.9%”, so the remaining relics (flowers, wings, clocks, cups ), it is necessary to fill “32.1%”, about 8% on average per part is a guideline.

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The main effects you want to aim for are “Clock: Elemental Charge Efficiency” and “Grail: Ice Elemental Damage”, but the goal is to increase your critical hit rate.

If you can reach 100% Affinity while equipping 4 Insulated Flags, you don’t have to worry about the main effects.

After going around the unexplored area “MomijWeno Niwa” and getting a holy relic with an affinity rate, let’s repeat strengthening and laps while hoping that the affinity rate will increase.

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Important Note: Affinity Rosaria

And as a point to keep in mind, due to the effect of the gift “Phantom that listens to confession (when the elemental skill hits behind the enemy, the hit rate +12% for 5 seconds)”, if it is not 100% but 88%, it will be similar You can.

However, in that case, it is difficult to “hit from behind” while tilting your consciousness every time, and it lacks stability.

As a disadvantage, it is necessary to equip weapons and crowns (holy relics) that have a critical rate as the main effect. Thank you) is the point that the damage does not increase…

That said, with 4 sets of insulation (elemental charge efficiency 210%), you can hit about 5000 damage about 6 times, and the purpose is to give a hit rate and a physical debuff, so I’d like to say it’s good here.

It’s been a long time, but in short, “When Genshin Impact Rosaria Affinity rate is 100%, team members get +30% Affinity rate (including Ice Resonance) and Enemy’s physical resistance -20%! ”

It’s strong enough just by scattering the hit rate, and the feeling of use is not bad because there is a physical debuff even on hard enemies. And, you can combine it with all the characters, but we think you got a sense of the convenience and fun of raising Rosaria…!

Due to the specifications, the luck of the holy relic is inevitably involved, but why not give Genshin Impact Rosaria a try as a transcendent supporter?

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