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Free Fire OB39
11/03/2023/ Free Fire OB39 / Credits – Garena

The Free Fire OB39 Advance Server has been made available by Garena after considerable waiting, and users may now explore it. Those who have an activation code can use this client as a testing ground to use new and forthcoming features on their devices.

The client is still only available for the Android operating system, as in past instances, and it is simple to install on a smartphone using the APK file. With this updated edition, players may test new mystery characters, different ability tweaks, and more.

Steps to download and install the Free Fire OB39 Advance Server

You can download the APK file to access the material because it’s the only place where it’s directly supplied. However, it is crucial to understand that this client cannot be accessed without an Activation Code.

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To download and install the Free Fire OB39 Advance Server APK file and use the most recent client release, please see the steps below.

  • Step 1: Open any of the browsers and go to the Advance Server page. To get directly to the website, click here.
  • Step 2: Depending on the choice you used during the registration process, use one of the two login options. You must create an account using one of the two if you are visiting the website for the first time. Also, the platform requires that you have a gaming account.
  • Step 3: After logging in, press the “Download APK” button to start the OB39 version APK download. You must make sure that your device has enough storage space because the file is 889 MB in size. Downloading the resource pack might be necessary if you want this updated client’s full capabilities.
  • Step 4: Install the APK file on the device after turning on the option to Install from Unknown Source.
  • Step 5: You may create your profile and check in as a “Guest”.
  • Step 6: In order to try the new Free Fire OB39 Advance Server and its features, input the activation code.
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The Advance Server will be accessible until March 16, 2023, as per the published timeline. Also, by reporting problems, you may receive free diamonds for your worldwide account.

Free Fire OB39 Advance Server features

The Free Fire Advance Server is loaded with intriguing features, as always. Among the most significant ones are:

  • Preset system
  • Mystery character
  • Awakened Alvaro with Split Blitz ability
  • Character rework
  • Triple Wolves and Pet Smash mode
  • Optimized and enhanced throwable wheel
  • Character and pet system rework (Only one ability level)

It is important to stress that although Garena tries testing different features, they could not be included in the Free Fire OB39 update in the same form or perhaps at all.

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