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Free Fire OB39
03/02/2023/ Free Fire OB39 Update / Credits – Garena

The famous mobile battle royale game Free Fire was created and released by Garena. The game has a sizable user community and is renowned for its intense gameplay and quick-paced action. The game’s creators, Garena, are always trying to make it better and provide gamers with more content. They accomplish this, among other things, by making new features available to users on advanced servers before they are made available to the whole public. The impending Free Fire OB39 early server release date and other information will be covered in this post.

Free Fire Advance Server Release Date

On March 21st, 2023, the Free Fire OB39 advance server is scheduled for release. Players should monitor the Free Fire official website and social media accounts for updates since this date is liable to change. Before it is pulled down to make way for the official release, the advanced server will only be accessible for a brief period, typically a week.

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How to Take Part in the Advanced Server

Players must apply for access to play on the Free Fire OB39 advanced server. The official Free Fire website has information on the application procedure. Players should apply as soon as possible because there are only a few slots open. Successful candidates will be given access to the advanced server, where they may test the new functions and provide the developers’ feedback.

New Features in Free Fire OB39

Numerous additional features will be added to the game thanks to the Free Fire OB39 advanced server. Among the highlights are:

  • Free Fire New upcoming emote
  • Free Fire New Evo gun skin
  • Free Fire New Pin
  • Free Fire New Pet
  • Free Fire New Character
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Several new features with advanced to the game with the arrival of the Free Fire OB39 advance server, which is scheduled to be live on March 21st, 2023. Players that want to take part in the advance server must request admission. A new character, weapon, game style, terrain, and pet are among the new features. To find out what Garena has in store for us with this new release, we can’t wait.

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