Free Fire MAX: Best Shotguns in Free Fire Max 2022

Free Fire MAX: Best Shotguns in Free Fire Max 2022
Free Fire MAX: Best Shotguns in Free Fire Max 2022

Best Shotguns in Free Fire Max 2022: Best weapons in short-range are shotguns in the Free Fire. Shotguns have high damage per bullet in close combat. Players can down their opponents in one shot due to high damage. Currently, Free Fire Max offers 5 shotguns to their players. The newest one is ‘Charge Buster’ with its futuristic ability. In this article, we are going to showcase Free Fire MAX 2022 shotguns according to their ability order.

Free Fire MAX: Best Shotguns in Free Fire Max 2022

1) Charge Buster

Charge Buster
Charge Buster

The best and most powerful Shotgun title is captured by Charge Buster in Free Fire MAX. The gun comes with special features like holding its fire button will increase damage and range. However, it’s not an option to hold the button continuously because when changes surpass it will automatically reset.

Charge Buster is the most powerful single-shot weapon in Free Fire. When the gun is fully charged its single shot is enough to kill the opponent, however, players need the practice to do this. A fully charged gun can destroy Gloo walls and vehicles very easily. The gun can destroy jeeps, blue cars, and sports cars with only 2 shots.

2) M1887


The Winchester Model 1887 is a double-shot large-caliber shotgun. This gun has its iconic history because it’s used in Terminator 2:Judgment Day, as a primary weapon of the terminator. It is the most popular shotgun in Free Fire Max after Charge Buster.

M1887 is an explosive weapon with the highest damage stat in Free Fire. Gun offers 21 Ranges to players which is higher than others in the game shotgun. So players can operate this gun with a Little distance.

3) MAG-7

Best Shotguns in Free Fire Max : MAG-7

The MAG-7 is a CQC (Close Quarters Combat) weapon, the gun is a combination of a shotgun and a submachine gun. Free Fire Max provided a shorter barrel version of this gun, which leads to a bigger spread.

MAG-7 has a higher fire rate and reload speed but in exchange, it delivers less damage. You can also equip MAG-7 with a foregrip to further reduce its recoil.

4) M1014

Best Shotguns in Free Fire Max : M1014

The M1014 is a semi-automatic shotgun in real life, produced by an Italian firearm company. For close-range combat, it is a strong option. It is a good weapon for new players because it has a reasonable magazine size, high damage. So if you miss any shots don’t worry you have more shots to fire.

5) SPAS12

The SPAS12 was a very popular gun before Free Fire reduced its ability. It was used to counter the M1014 because it has a high range and accuracy. But Garena reduced both guns’ ability. And when Garena introduced the M1887 no one wanted to use SPAS12 anymore. And the weapon is completely forgotten by players.

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