Free Fire Max Diamond Royale release date and more

free fire max
As per leaks Free Fire Max is planning to release luck royale diamonds soon(Image Via Moroesports).

If you’re a Free Fire MAX player, you might have heard about Diamond Royale. It’s an event that features bundles as grand prizes and is highly anticipated by players on the Indian server.

Free Fire is going to release a diamond royale along with some new features and prizes. Players can utilize them by creating spins.

Free Fire developers planning to promote female bundles as well as male bundles. The female bundle also known as the lawless bandit bundle has many features. Some of the leaks said soon they are going to release a male bundle. (viagra)

Diamond royale event

The Free Fire MAX Indian server is currently hosting a diamond-based royale event called Diamond Royale. Currently, on this server, a female bundle known as The Lawless Bandit will be available as a grand prize. 

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Indian players who are playing Free Fire Max can see this option probably on October 16.

Here some of the costumes consist of certain things given below;

  • Nightslayer Teddy Bundle – Head
  • Nightslayer Teddy Bundle – Mask
  • Nightslayer Teddy Bundle – Top
  • Nightslayer Teddy Bundle – Bottom
  • Nightslayer Teddy Bundle – Shoes

This is an interesting choice for a new bundle as Free Fire’s Indian users will likely see this new bundle on the server via Diamond Royale in three days, which means it is likely to be released in the next Diamond Royale.

If past leaks by the same Instagram user are any indication of things to come, most of them turned out to be accurate. The developers generally follow a trend of releasing male and female bundles alternately with the current Diamond Royale being a female bundle.

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If this information is to be believed, users should be able to obtain the attractive Nightslayer Teddy bundle after its release.


Follow these all the steps to create spins in Diamond Royale:

  • Open your Free Fire Max account.
  • You can see the option of luck diamond royale. kindly click on that option.
  • And also click the blue color icon which directly goes to the page of luck diamond royale.
  • Create spins to get free diamonds.
  • You can win any of the items depending upon your spin where reaches.

Players are excited by the announcement that the next Diamond Royale bundle will be a male outfit called the Nightslayer Teddy Bundle!

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Even though we’re not sure exactly what this means for Indian users, we do know that Free Fire MAX’s developers generally follow a trend of releasing male and female bundles in alternating fashion. So if this information turns out to be true, you can expect this bundle to be added to your Diamond Royale after its release.

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