Free Fire Max Booyah Hunt Event: Get Fruity Cuts Skyboard for Free

Free Fire Max Booyah Hunt Event
18/01/2023/ Free Fire Max Booyah Hunt Event / Credits – Free Fire

Garena unveiled a brand-new event series called Blaze of Glory with the introduction of the Free Fire MAX OB38 upgrade. This series includes alluring cosmetics that players can get for free. Among the new events that have been introduced to the game, Booyah Hunt gives players the chance to get Skyboards and other worthwhile rewards.

The fruit-themed Fruity Cuts Skyboard will be a highlight of the occasion. It is straightforward to finish because you simply need a predetermined amount of victories to get all the rewards.

Free Fire Max Booyah Hunt Event

Undoubtedly, the Booyah Hunt event’s release has rekindled interest in Free Fire MAX. It was released by the creators on January 17, 2023, and users can view it on the Indian server till January 21, 2023. These days, achieving a particular number of victories is required to qualify for alluring incentives.

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The specific prerequisites for the event are as follows, along with the awards that go along with them:

  • To receive a free Random Loadout Loot Crate, defeat Booyah three times.
  • To receive a free Weapon Royale voucher, defeat Booyah five times (Expiry date: February 28, 2023)
  • To receive a free Diamond Royale Voucher, get Booyah 10 times (Expiry date: February 28, 2023) Fruity Cut Skyboard, too.

Just 10 Booyahs need to be finished before the event in Free Fire MAX becomes live. Each prerequisite is followed by the next, and each milestone will be satisfied by a single triumph.

The total value of the things at the event is high. These will undoubtedly cost you at least a few hundred diamonds, if not more, to acquire through the store.

How to get rewards from the Free Fire MAX event

You may obtain vouchers and a Skyboard from the recently introduced Booyah quest event in Free Fire MAX by following the procedures listed below:

  • Step 1: To fulfil the Booyah criteria for the event, first load up your Free Fire account and then go to the desired game mode.
  • Step 2: Navigate to the events section of the battle royale game once you have accumulated the necessary Booyahs.
  • Step 3: From the top horizontal menu, choose Blaze of Glory. From the list of events, select the Booyah Hunt tab.
  • Step 4: Click the claim button next to the awards that correspond to the conditions you’ve met.
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You will receive the coupons once you have fulfilled all the conditions; they must be used through Luck Royale by the end of February 2023. Additionally, the vault area now allows you to equip the surfboard skin.

Additionally, free gun skins are offered as part of a different event. The daily activities that gamers must perform to earn tokens and swap them for no-cost, alluring prizes A visually appealing grenade skin is also part of a different BR Damage Challenge event.

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