MrRattler Free Fire Max: ID, Status, Ratio and More!


MrRattler Free Fire Max: ID, Status, Ratio and More!
22/02/2023 || MrRattler Free Fire Max ID, Status, Ratio and More! || Credit: Free Fire Max

Free Fire Max is one of the most popular games of recent times and MrRattler Free Fire Max have made their name through Free Fire. One of them is MrRattler also known as Aman Pawar. He normally creates content related to Free Fire and has around 400k subscribers on YouTube.

He uploads his gameplay on YouTube as well as streams live gameplay content. The number of his subscribers on YouTube is increasing day by day along with his popularity in the Free Fire community. As per his Instagram, he has approx 12k followers for now.

(NOTE: The figures mentioned in this article are approx and not accurate because the numbers are changing on a regular basis.)

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Who is MrRattler and what Other Details?

Aman Pawar is a gamer who mostly plays and uploads content related to Free Fire and he is popular in Free Fire as MrRattler. On his YouTube, he has around 400 thousand subscribers with 12k followers on Instagram.

Not just that he even has his own Discord server with around 2700 members. MrRattler’s ID level is 74 and his Free Fire MAX ID is 517167331. As per his career so far he has played around 836 solo matches and has won around 70 of them.

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He has a win rate of 8.37% with that he has around 1833 kills in Free Fire MAX and has a K/D of 2.39. As per his duo game journey so far he has maintained a K/D of 2.64. MrRattler has played 983 duo matches and won 143 matches maintaining a 14.54% of win percentage.

Furthermore, for his squad matches he has competed in 9163 squad matches and won 1547 of them. For his squad matches he has maintained a win percentage of 16.88% with a K/D of 3.71 and has 28284 registered kills in squad matches.

What is MrRattler Free Fire Income?

In terms of money from YouTube gamers have made tons of money. But based on the games, skills, and popularity of the gamer the income may vary with each other. As per MrRattlerโ€™s Free Fire Youtube’s income will be around $1.8k to $28.2k. YouTubers have a huge potential of making money.

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As the number of subscribers and viewers increases the income will increase automatically. MrRattler also has another YouTube channel. Named as Rattler Plays with around 4.92 k subscribers with around 80k view count. Hope you enjoyed this article and let me know your favorite Free Fire gamer in the comment section.

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