Free Fire New Year Leak: Upcoming Events and Happy New Year Party?

Free Fire New Year Leak: Upcoming Events and Happy New Year Party
Free Fire New Year Leak: Upcoming Events and Happy New Year Party

Are you enjoying the currently running events like New Age and MapHop in Free Fire? Well, you should prepare yourself because in a few days Garena Free Fire will be releasing a new event week. The new upcoming event week is Free Fire Happy New Year Party and it’s coming with lots of rewards and in-game cosmetics.

As we know, Free Fire always gives their player a new event every week or sometimes multiple events at the same time. And one of those multiple events is New Year Party Week. However, it’s a leak and not an official announcement by Garena Developers. Below, in this blog post, you will read about these events in detail and How to obtain free rewards in Free Fire?

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What is a Happy New Year Party in Free Fire? 

The New Age Event is coming to its end and it’s time to release something new for Free Fire Players. It’s New Year and Garena wants to celebrate this festival with their survivors. Well, they always come up with something interesting to keep their surveyors engaged with the game. Therefore, we are going to have a Happy New Year Party where you get up to 7 different types of rewards.

As you read above the Free Fire New Year Leak, the Happy New Year event will start on January 10 2022 and it will end on January 19 2022. Here is a quick summary of rewards that you can get from New Year Party Week:

  1. Tokens
  2. Pets and if you get lucky then their skins
  3. Outfits and aesthetics bundles
  4. Characters and their special bundles
  5. Voucher: Diamond Royal Voucher and Weapon Royal Vouchers
  6. New Map and their special Mods like BOMB SQUAD
  7. Last but not least, Login Rewards
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Happy New Year Party Week Important Details:

The first thing you need to do to get the most out of this event is “Collect Tokens” in the Free Fire New Year Event. These tokens are most important in this event if you want to obtain free in-game items like bundles and skins.

Furthermore, these tokens allow players to exchange or purchase exclusive and legendary gun skins. There are many types of get-tokens in Free Fire but one of the easiest and best ways is to log in every day. Moreover, log-in has its benefits like if you log in every day then after 5 days you get a special reward. For example, you get a Diamond Royal and also a Weapon Royal Voucher on 14th January in Free Fire.

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