Free Fire Max Troll Event Guide: Everything you have to know

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06/12/2022/Players can collect the rewards from Free Fire Troll Event guide/credits: ADMM Gaming YouTube

Free Fire MAX is now experiencing a football fever, and Garena has lately added several original events with a football theme. The “Football Fable” celebrations will essentially go on until December 18, which is the day of the Qatar World Cup 2022 championship game.

The “Goal or Troll” mini-game, one of the new themed events added to Free Fire MAX, will keep players entertained for hours. In addition, users can win thrilling incentives, which is an extra benefit. In the section below, more information is given regarding the Goal or Troll event.

Beginning today, December 5, 2022, and lasting through December 18, 2022, the Goal or Troll event is new to Free Fire MAX. It has five distinct rewards in all, and it is exciting.

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Free Fire Max Troll Event

Goalkeeper and Shooter are the two roles that participants in the event can select. They would need to keep the ball out in the first situation and score goals in the second. Points will be awarded for participating in the event, and the following rewards will be given for reaching milestones:

  • Random Weapon Loot Crate for 500 points; Gold Royale Voucher for 1,000 points
  • 50x Universal Fragments at 2000 points.
  • Santa’s Choice (M60 + SPAS12) 3000 Points Weapon Loot Crate: 5x Red Football, 4000 Points.

However, playing the mini-game costs money, and users must finish several daily activities to earn the tokens. They can fulfill the following missions, among many others:

  • 1x Token for login
  • 1 CS Game Played: 2 Token
  • 5 Games Played: 3x Tokens
  • Kill 6 Folks, Get 3 Tokens
  • 4x Tokens for playing one game with a friend.
  • Play for a longer period: Five tokens. Booyah 5 times once: tokens
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Since players can earn up to 150x points for each attempt at the mini-game, reaching the last goal may take several days. Even so, the effort would be worthwhile because of the fantastic rewards.

Steps to redeem Rewards

Players need to follow some steps to redeem rewards;

Step 1: First, launch Free Fire MAX on your phone or tablet, then tap the “Calendar” icon to get to the “Football Fable” area.

Step 2: Next, tap on the “Goal or Troll” event and select the appropriate mini-game by pressing the “Go To” button.

Step 3: To begin playing the event after it has appeared on your screen, click “Start.” Points will be awarded to you by how well you do. You might end up redeeming the rewards once the points for the milestones have been accumulated.

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“Play Football Squad” is another ongoing event associated with the Football Fable celebrations. Users must compete in games using the brand-new “Football Squad” game mode. The many missions are as follows:

  • Play one game with the football team using Random Loadout Loot Crate.
  • Play 5 games with the football team: magenta football t-shirt.

Users may complete the tasks related to this event in under an hour due to their relative simplicity.

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