Free Fire BR Season 38: New Combat Trait System and Free Gun Skin Are Now Available!

free fire
The new Combat Trait System and Free Gun Skin are now available in Free Fire BR Season 38.| Credit: Free Fire.

Role up your sleeves! Free Fire is back with a new BR (Battle Royale) ranked season. Players who are in lower ranks now get a chance to improve their performance. This season is filled with impel incentives like the new combat trait system, etc, get ready to grap them. The more you get, the more you want is best suited for this new BR season, and providing free Gun Skin to all its users is a plus. 

This Free Fire upcoming season will be launched on the 1st of March 2024 at 02:30 PM IST with exciting rewards. While season 37 ends on the same date two hours before the new came into existence. But don’t forget to claim your rank-up exclusive reward ‘Kar98-S37’ Electro when reach at Gold I tier.

Here are the Rank-up rewards revealed by Free Fire with the new Rain theme. Players find fresh-themed cosmetics, containing rewards such as banners, rank tokens, vouchers, avatars, and more. To gain them by reaching out on different tiers.  

Free Fire BR Season 38 Rank Reset 

With the coming of the BR 38 season, the rank reset is updated, so prepare yourself to climb the heights again from the initial point. 

  • Bronze (I-III) → Bronze I
  • Silver (I-III) → Bronze II
  • Gold (I-IV) → Silver I
  • Platinum (I-IV) → Silver II
  • Diamond (I-IV) → Gold I
  • Heroic → Gold II
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Bring In New Loadout System: Combat Trait System

Achieving Victory, the loadout items provide the advantages to the players to conquer the challenges in-game. These are inevitable parts of the battlefield for the players, as they offer a wide range of loadout systems in which to find out the best suites for a match. 

In the Combat Trait System, five new items each including three-level rank-up features. The match begins with level -1 and carries to level-up trait through assists, eliminations, surviving more time in BR, help-ups, and each clash squad starting. Here we have items given to each level.

Hunter (In BR)

  • Obtain Bounty Token Effect Level 1: In the first elimination players will get 400 FF coins, a random attachment, and open the door for level 2.
  • Obtain a Bounty Gadget Level 2: After using it you receive a Hit List Mission and entry into the last level.
  • Obtain Jumping Shoe Level 3: Jumping Shoes allow players to perform double jumps once equipped in Free Fire BR Season 38

Mechanic (In BR)

  • Obtain the Leg Pockets Effect Level 1: In this players get to level 2 Gloo Maker and add 300 backpack capacity at the match beginning. You get one extra Gloo Wall in the match starting and more every time you receive it.
  • Two Pocket Markets obtain Level 2: Open the market interface by using it and get basic resources and featured items. 
  • At Level 3 obtain a Portal Go: It can teleport you between two points.
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Guardian (In BR)

  • Get 2 Nonfirers Level 1: At the match beginning you and your teammates obtain two Bonfirers regenerated 5 HP and 20 EP(up to 10 seconds) within the area. 
  • Obtain a Launch Pad Level 2: In air space, it allows you fast transfers.
  • Level 3 Supply Box: obtain it to get ammo and medical supplies to whole teammates.

Explorer(In BR)

  • Grab the Secret Clue Effect Level 1: On the map, mark a chest and head there to get a Gloo Chip, 600 FF coins, a Launch Pad, and more. After opening the chest, a fresh one will be marked.
  • Obtain a Vehicle Airdrop Level 2: Call for a vehicle at a designated area.
  • Level 3: Obtain three UAV-Lites.

Balanced (In BR)

  • Supply Crate Effect Obtain in Level 1: Revived to get a level one Vest, a Bizon, a Helmet, and 60 SMG Ammo.
  • Get Airdrop Aid Effect Level 2: This airdrop has a third-level weapon and summons an airdrop to a particular location.
  • Obtain a Horizaline Level 3: Players use it to get up when they are knocked down.

Free Gun Skin 

These specially customized weapons are available on Free Fire Max, including kill feeds, kill effects, and others. Ready to hold them just for free in the upcoming BR season. One of them is Destiny Guardian XM8, which is a Blue color bright and sparkling impressively covered with lightning bolts gun skin. The excellent kill effect Demonic Grin Skin is another great gun skin. In this, you find a red and white demon in font and back a horrific look. Other gun skins are also available such as scar- Megalodon Alpha, Bule Flame Draco AK, and more. Now, get Free gun skin in the Free Fire BR Season 38.

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Free Fire BR Season 38: This new season brings many exciting offers and interesting new items in-game. The BR 38 season is providing Free Gun Skin which is an essential part of Free Fire matches. Another is a new launch loadout system – The combat Trait System within it you find many new items that you get by completing each level. So, today is a day to explore all these brand-new updates. Try it now!