Garena Free Fire Hacks: Here’s What you Need to Know

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Garena Free Fire

Since the very beginning of the gaming industry, some people tried to “go around” or hack games to make them blatantly easy. Some of these people were doing it for fun while others might do it to annoy their friends and mock their ignorance of the matter. Older gamers will probably remember console and PC titles where the game developers included the passwords in the game itself as debug tools, super easy modes, or just as an interesting gimmick (someone mention Age of Empires?). However, most of those games were single-player or hot-seat games, so being a hacker wouldn’t hurt anyone else. Free Fire Hacks are just another chapter of the growing gaming story.

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What Are The Known Cheats?

Free fire cheats
All You Need to Know About Hacks

There are a few Free Fire hacks at the moment.

  • You can find people with diamond hacks, buying everything there is in the game. This Free Fire hack is impossible to spot during the round, so they usually get away with it for a while.
  • Then there are, of course, aimbot hacks like the ones you can find in most the FPS games. They will usually hit you from across the map, you won’t even know what happened. It’s easy to spot them through the kill cam, just stay on them for a minute or two and see if they can repeat that. You don’t want to report a cheater without any evidence of it.
  • Then some people are so evidentially breaking the game that it’s ridiculous. They are usually using flying hacks in Free Fire, and it’s kind of hard to miss them. If you see a guy flying around try to catch his name, because he is certainly not a Superman.
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  • The fourth Free Fire hack is related to wallhacks. When the guy can see you through the obstacle or has a pinpoint to your exact location. Those are a bit harder to catch. However, when you notice on the kill cam that the guy can “spot” someone in the house and he is waiting for them to show up, or just “knows” when someone is around, he is a hacker for sure. There are no such things as Oracles, we are way past the Spartan age.
  • Getting Free Fire Diamonds from Dark Web or downloading a Free Fire mod apk from the dark web does also come under hacking. In this system, players purchase diamonds at a lot lesser price or download the cracked files which can be extracted to hack the game.
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We do not promote hacking and would recommend you not to use them. Everything you try should be at your own risk! We promote fair gameplay and would recommend not to use any kind of hacks.

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