Fortnite Gold Reset: How to Fix Gold Bars Reset?

Fortnite is facing this issue of having gold reset to zero for players again. This glitch has been in the game for quite a long time. Read below to know how you can fix it soon.

Fortnite Gold Reset
Fortnite Gold Reset

Fortnite Gold Reset: Fortnite Gold Bars are an important resource since Chapter 2 Season 5. Introducing Gold Bars as an important resource for buying exotic weapons, hiring NPCs, and even upgrading your weapons. Players have been experiencing this issue of having their Gold Bars Reset in Fortnite in Season 7.

Now, what if your preciously saved gold bars disappear? Yeah, just like that. When you log in to your account and start playing matches suddenly you’ll see that your gold bars have reset to zero. Now we’ll tell you all about this glitch and how to fix it here.

Gold Bars:

Fortnite Gold Bars Reset Season 7
Fortnite Gold Bars

All of us know that Gold Bars are the most efficient currency in-game that makes things so much easier for everyone. We are also aware that it is not easy to go bounty hunting or eliminating players especially in competitive. And even the quests that come with it are not easy. The most recent quests for Season 7 are Eliminate the Trespassers.

If you were to lose all your gold without even having to spend them then this glitch could be your worst nightmare. Although, we strongly suggest that you don’t keep saving it since it is not going to be helpful in the long run.

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By this, we mean that Gold Bars are not going to help you like V-bucks. Treat them as an in-game feature and spend them according to your needs.

What is the Gold Bars Reset to Zero Issue in Fortnite Season 7?

Basically, as you join the game your gold bars count will be reset to zero. Yes, even if you have not used them anywhere. They won’t be there anymore. This glitch of Fortnite Gold reset can be annoying at times because this is not all that happens.

Yes, you heard it right. There’s more to it. Once the count is reset to zero you’ll not be able to earn anymore either.

Fortnite has already acknowledged this issue and working on it. As you can see they reported the issue around 12 hours ago:

This glitch isn’t new to the game. In fact, it was in the game even before March. It becomes really annoying to deal with the issue every time. Every time your hard-earned gold resets to zero you have to start over again.

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Reasons Behind the Gold to Reset:

The main reason for this to happen could be a glitch in the servers as well. And if so, as Fortnite has acknowledged it they’ll work on it soon enough. We suggest that you refrain from trying to gather gold since it won’t add up to your total either way.

As Fortnite knows that this issue is causing trouble all over the globe for players they’ll try to resolve it as soon as possible. Fortnite Gold Bars reset could be a displeasing issue especially in the new Fortnite Season 7.

How to Fix the Issue of Fortnite Gold Reset?

In order to reset the Fortnite Gold Reset Fortnite already states they’re working on it. Fortnite addressed the issue around 12 hours ago and starts working on it. And after around 4 hours they report that they resolve the issue:

If you still keep facing the issue try clearing the cache for Fortnite. Also, try to troubleshoot the problems that can be causing the issue. You can do this as Epic suggests in their guide here. Some of the ways to resolve the issue are:

  • Clearing Epic Launcher’s Web Cache
  • Windows Compatibility Troubleshooter
  • Modify DPI Settings
  • Update your BIOS
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Know more about this glitch from the video below:

Season 7 also has a lot of new skins coming out this week. Some of which are the Lebron James Skin and Magma Masters Pack.


Why did my Gold Reset in Fortnite?

This glitch has also bothered players in the past. However, recently Fortnite looked into the issue. They say they have resolved it, which should discontinue the glitch further. If you’re still facing this glitch feel free to comment down below as to when it was.

Why are my Gold Bars not increasing?

This is also the same part of the issue we’ve talked about. You can read the ‘How to Fix the issue of Fortnite Gold Reset’ to know more about the same. It was a glitch by Fortnite servers which they claim to resolve.

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