Fortnite Lebron James Skin: Icon Series Confirmed?

Check out what Twitter has to say about the Lebron James Skin in Fortnite. There are also other Fortnite Leaked Skins which are yet to release.

Fortnite Lebron James Leaked Skin
Fortnite Lebron James Skin

Fortnite Lebron James Skin: As we all know that the hype for Season 7 has been for so long. There are a ton of new skins that Fortnite is releasing. Now, ShiinaBR reveals once again that there might be a Lebron James Skin in Fortnite. The Lebron James Fortnite Skin is confirmed by ShiinaBR in the next update of Fortnite. There are also a lot of Fortnite Leaked Skins, read till the end to find out more.

And with the Cosmic Summer Event at bay, there are other rumors of new Skins and leaks taking place.

Lebron James Quick Intro:

Lebron James NBA
Lebron James NBA

Lebron Raymonne James is an American Basketball professionalist. He has a great history in his NBA Career. Lebron might be the only one going neck and neck with the ‘best basketball player’ title with Michael Jordan. Winning multiple NBA Championships from Cleveland Cavaliers, The Lakers, and Miami Heat. It is safe to call him an over-achiever.

How will the Fortnite Lebron James Skin Look like?

Lebron James from Space Jam 2
Lebron James from Space Jam 2

The Fortnite Lebron James Skin will look a lot like the player himself. It is yet to reveal what the Lebron James Skin will look like in Fortnite. But if we take a closer look at the Space Jam 2 Skin for Lebron James, it is pretty close to the same graphics.

ShiinaBR tweets that there will be a new Exclusive Lebron James Skin added to the game:

Another fan posted this really amazing GIF that could possibly resemble the outlook of the new Fortnite Lebron James Skin:

There are also rumors that a Summer Aura Skin will be releasing in the next update. Find out more about her here.

Why do we Suspect Lebron James Skin is coming out in Fortnite?

There are plenty of hints regarding this skin in general. These are from different sources and we don’t claim them as ours. Let’s look at some of the facts that point in the same direction:

  • Space Jam 2 also featured Lebron James (Meaning there are chances he will be featured in other games)
  • ShiinaBR tweets to confirm the Skin release in the upcoming update from Fortnite.
  • Furthermore, HypeX retweets ShiinaBR’s Exclusive Skin release for Lebron James in Fortnite.
  • But, what’s more? From the most recent posts from Fortnite, we can be seeing a new update very soon.

Here is the tweet from HypeX that confirms the release for the Fortnite Lebron James Skin:

As you can also see HypeX covers a lot of new additions as well. This also points out the upcoming update of Fortnite. The very recent tweet from Fortnite reads about an IO call interception. Also adding a hashtag at the end saying ‘Islanders should be on High Alert #HotSaucerLeaks’.

So, Is Lebron James Going to be a Confirmed Skin?

It is difficult to answer this since many a time it does happen that predictions don’t always come true. Observations made on our part can or can’t be true. Even in May 2021, the rumors of Lebron James were flying around but it never released.

But this time there seems to be a lot of hype after the Fortnite Lebron James Skin. Especially after ShiinaBR and HypeX tweet about the same.

What are the Other Fortnite Leaked Skins?

Amongst the other Fortnite Leaked Skins, we have the Naruto Skin, The Rock (Original), Armored Batman, Summer Aura Skin, Molten Ragnarok, and many more of these. You can also check them out in our Fortnite Item Shop of 5 July here.

There are rumors of new Lava-type outfits in Fortnite. Then there are some Dark-type Skins that can also be released. Besides this HypeX also comments that there can be Action-figure Skins in-game.


Do Fortnite Free Skin Generators actually Work?

It is difficult to answer this question since there are many scammy Skin Generators out there. Besides, even if they work they are not legal according to Epic. It can actually get your account deleted for the same. You can read our guide on Fortnite Free Skin Generators and know more about them here.

When is the Next Fortnite Update coming?

You can expect the next Fortnite update very soon. There are a lot of things Fortnite needs to add in-game. And for the same, we are expecting an update in the next week or so. Also, not to mention all the new skins that need to come in the Fortnite Item Shop (Like Loki Laufeyson).

Is it legal to Use EZFN or Storm Launcher Fortnite?

It is a debatable question since they’re modding the Fortnite original application. But still, as they are using the Fortnite database. Attracting traffic from Epic is not a very good sign either. You’ll have to research it a bit further to know more.

Are Alien Artifacts going to come to Fortnite this week?

Yes, Alien Artifacts will come every week in Fortnite. There are certain locations that you can find them on. Besides these, you also get them from the Cosmic Chests. From there you can customize your Kymera Skin.

You can also read on the Loki Laufeyson Skin coming to Fortnite from Epic Games here.

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