Former Cloud9 and T1 Valorant Player Xeta Announces Retirement

16/02/2024 | Former Cloud9 and T1 Valorant player xeta retires due to health concerns. His decision highlights the importance of well-being in esports. | Credits: Valorant

After an illustrious career in the world of competitive gaming, Son ‘xeta’ Seon-ho, a former professional Valorant player, has made the tough call to step away from the scene. Health and stress-related concerns have led him to this decision, marking the end of an era for xeta. With a remarkable background in FPS esports, having competed in CS: GO and Valorant for almost eight years, his departure leaves behind a remarkable legacy of skill, determination, and unwavering commitment to the game.

Xeta’s Career Journey

Xeta embarked on his competitive gaming odyssey within the realm of Counter-Strike, where he showcased his skills as a formidable player for renowned Asian teams like MVP PK and TYLOO. However, in 2020, he decided to embrace a new challenge and set foot into the vibrant world of Valorant esports by joining Cloud9 Korea. As his journey progressed, his talents took him across the ocean to North America, where he proudly represented Cloud9 in prestigious tournaments such as Valorant Champions 2021.

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His Valorant journey had a remarkable chapter that stood out from the rest – his pivotal role in a groundbreaking trade between Cloud9 and T1. In this trade, xeta, along with coach Yoon ‘Autumn’ Eu-ddeum, was exchanged for Rahul ‘curry’ Nemani, highlighting the immense value that he brought to the table as a seasoned player in the rapidly growing esports scene.

In a surprising turn of events, he sent shockwaves through the Valorant community on February 15, 2024, as he made the bold decision to retire from professional competition. Putting his mental and physical health first, he courageously stepped away from the intense world of competitive gaming. Even though fans were eagerly anticipating his participation in the VCT Pacific Kickoff tournament alongside T1, he made the difficult choice to prioritize his overall well-being and bid farewell to his illustrious career.

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Next Steps for Xeta

His retirement statement shed light on the profound impact that professional gaming had on his overall health. With utmost honesty, he shared how the demanding nature of competitive gaming had taken a toll on both his mental and physical well-being. Despite the support he received from his organization, including access to a sports psychologist, the stress and strain had become too much for him to bear. Xeta bravely acknowledged the importance of prioritizing his health and made the difficult decision to step away from the competitive scene.

After retiring, xeta has decided to complete his mandatory military service in the South Korean army. As he says goodbye to his professional esports career, he remains hopeful and excited about making a comeback in the gaming world with a fresh perspective and renewed passion. Although his competitive journey has temporarily concluded, xeta keeps the door wide open for a potential return, eagerly waiting for the perfect moment to rejoin the vibrant esports community.

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Xeta’s retirement signifies the closing of a remarkable chapter in Valorant esports, as a seasoned player bids adieu to the competitive gaming scene. By choosing to prioritize his health and well-being, he reminds us all of the significance of self-care in the fast-paced world of esports. As he embarks on a fresh journey in life, the esports community expresses heartfelt appreciation for his invaluable contributions and sends him warm wishes for all his future endeavors.

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