Fall Guys x Sonic Themed Level: Everthing You Need To Know

Fall Guys Sonic Themed Level

Popular Battle Royale game Fall Guys are no stranger to crossovers/ collaborations. Recently did one with Fortnite. It’s not exactly breaking news either that it has crossed over with Sonic in the past. With outfits for both the blue hedgehog and Knuckles being introduced and then reintroduced by Sega.

With Fall Guys going free to play and Sonic amid his 30th anniversary, the crossover was announced as a celebration of both. Back in June’s Sonic Central Livestream.


Spoiling the party a bit, a leak has surfaced- as is often the case. That has set tongues wagging and the speculation meter running. FGPancake, the moniker he goes by, has weaved his spell. Uploading a 2-minute gameplay video on his youtube channel. The footage shows off a world that evokes classic 2D Sonic. With its iconic Green Hill Zone opening level.

Then about a week ago, a screenshot was released. Appearing as part of Fall Guys’ ‘up next’ stage select screen. Since then Dataminers have left no stone unturned to unearth the existence of a Sonic-themed stage. Take a look at the video above to get an up-close dekko.

Β Nostalgia Trip:

On the whole, though, it’s a jungle gymchunky by way of an obstacle course. Set inside a rectangular arena. The aesthetic has seamlessly transitioned over. As visually, it is replete with blue skies, blue waters, checkerboard patterned cliffs, and charmingly retro, low poly palm trees.

Rather aptly then, the stage is named ‘Bean Hill Zone'(after the main mascot of Fall Guys) The Sonic theme is not purely cosmetic though. It pervades the entirety of the map. Fans will recognize the familiar-looking star-spangled springs, loop-the-loops(looking more like tubes), and a handful of gold rings.

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So, grab on your controllers, warm up your seat and get ready for Fall Guys x Sonic!

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