Fall Guys Mobile Substitute: Here’s How You Can Play It On Mobile

Do you know that there are games similar to fall guys available on Google play store and ios store? Here is a detailed article about those games.

Fall Guys Mobile Substitute
Fall Guys Coming On Mobile?

Fall Guys Mobile Substitute: Fall guys is a typical pc game. The game has graphics of very high quality which makes it even better. It can not be played on mobile since mobiles can not support such high-quality graphics. Moreover, there is no rumor yet about the mobile version of Fall Guys. So in this article, you can see which game can be played on mobile which is similar to Fall Guys. One of the game is named Stumble Guys.

So read this article till the end to know the mobile game which is similar to Fall Guys.

Fall Guys Mobile Substitute: Why Players Can Not Play Fall Guys On Mobile and Will It Comes On Mobile?

Fall Guys Mobile Substitute
Which games can we play on mobile similar to fall guys?

Fall Guys is a popular pc multiplayer game that is known for its variety of levels. Moreover, the game majorly consists of a few levels. Players have to clear the levels. Only a certain number of players qualify for the next round.

In the finals, the first player to cross the finish line gets a crown. Additionally, you can play it with your friends as well. Fall Guys is available on Steam for Rs 500. There is no official mobile version for that.

Which Is The Substitute?

Stumble Guys
Substitue of Fall Guys?

Since Fall Guys are not available on mobile devices, you can play a similar game named Stumble Guys. Furthermore, the game has a very similar meta. There are many kinds of levels. 32 players can play at a time in a single lobby. Out of that, 16 players qualify for the second round. In the second round, 8 players qualify for finals and in the finals, first, one to cross the finish line takes a crown.

The game is available on Play Store and App Store. Moreover, on Play Store, it is 66 MB and on App Store, it is 275.5 MB so you have to make storage accordingly. The game is rated for ages over 3 years and on Play Store, it has crossed over 10m downloads.

You can download Stumble Guys on your android devices using this link: Download

You can download Stumble Guys on your iOS devices using this link: Download 

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