How To Play Fade In Valorant: Abilities, Best Maps, Tips & Tricks

Fade Valorant

Wondering how to play Fade in Valorant? Here’s our Fade guide to help you understand the newest agent’s abilities, and her best maps in Valorant.

Act 3 of Episode 4 went live in Valorant a couple of days ago, bringing a plethora of changes to the game.

While both Sova and Jett saw nerfs to their utility kits, the center of attraction of this Act has been the new Initiator agent — Fade.

And if you’re looking to become a Fade main, then our guide will help you dominate your Valorant matches with the agent.

Valorant Fade Guide: Abilities, Best Maps, Tips & Tricks, and More

FadeValorant 4.08
Fade Valorant

With Fade being an Initiator agent in Valorant, she can clear up space for the duelists to attack bombsites during the attacking half.

Alternatively, Fade, much like a Sova or a Skye, can clear gather enemy intel while defending or retaking a bomb site.

Before we dive into Fade’s abilities, it is important to know that some of this agent’s abilities apply a new debuff called “trail”. This means a dark and connected line on the ground will lead you to the affected enemies.

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With that said, here are all the Fade abilities in Valorant, along with their cost:

Valorant Fade Ability 1 – Prowler (C) – 300 Credits – 2 Max Charges

Equips Fade with a creature that moves much like a Raze’s boombox, but can be controlled like Skye’s flash. If the Prowler spots an enemy, it latches onto them and applies a nearsighted debuff, exactly like the Omen flash/paranoia debuff.

Although, it is interesting to note that if your Prowler finds a trail, it will travel along the trail at twice the speed. As a result, Fade’s abilities can be put to smart use and used one after another to increase their effectiveness.

Ability 2 – Seize (Q) – 200 Credits – 1 Max Charge

Equips Fade with an orb that drops on the ground automatically after 1.5 seconds. However, if you press the ability key again, the orb drops immediately to the ground.

Upon dropping, Seize activates after half a second delay and traps any enemy in its area of effect. The seized enemy will suffer a 75 decay debuff, will be deafened, and cannot escape the area for the next 5 seconds.

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Keep in mind that after that your HP will keep increasing after the initial 75 decay debuff, much like how a Viper debuff works.

Valorant Fade Signature Ability 3 – Haunt (E) – Free – 40 Second Recharge

Equips Fade with a throwable orb that drops to the ground after 1.5 seconds. Once it lands on the ground, the orb turns into a scary creature and reveals enemies in its line of sight.

The enemies are visible through the walls and on the minimap. Additionally, revealed enemies see a trail debuff apply to them.

Using Haunt first followed by Prowler is a great way to create a combo for Fade’s abilities. The marked enemies will have little to no time to react upon seeing a Prowler coming at them with twice the speed.

Valorant Fade Ultimate Ability – Nightfall (X) – 7 Ult Points

When Fade uses her ultimate ability Nightfall, it equips her with an orb that activates upon using the left click. Once activated, it sends out a wave of dark mist, much like Breach’s ultimate.

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All the enemies that stand in Nightfall’s path will see a decay along with deafening apply to them. On top of this, the enemies will also have a trail to them, making it one of the best Initiator ultimates in Valorant right now.

Best Maps To Play Fade in Valorant

Valorant all maps
Valorant Maps

Once you understand how Fade’s utility kit works in the game, it is important to understand her role. Fade is an Initiator agent, joining the existing ones like Skye, KAY/O, Sova, and Breach in the game.

Using Fade to carry out some individual plays depends on the timing and your game sense. However, your objective should be to gather as much info for your team, clear angles and enemy Operators, and allow for an easier entry for your team’s duelists.

That said, here are the best maps to play Fade in Valorant:

  • Haven
  • Ascent
  • Fracture
  • Icebox

We hope we helped you with your favorite agent Fade. Good Luck in learning the new agent!

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