The Best Valorant Maps To Play Fade On

FadeValorant 4.08
Fade Valorant

Valorant’s new initiator Fade is a terrifying foe to go up against. With the powerful recon capabilities of Haunt, her signature ability, she looks like she could replace Sova as the primary initiator on several Valorant maps. Players have also begun to figure out that the best way to use Haunt is not to simply throw it onto the floor in front of your opponents. Instead, the all-seeing eye is capable of attaching itself to roofs, giving you information on a large portion of any site. And because it reveals enemies far quicker than Sova’s Recon Bolt and inflicts a Marked debuff that trails enemies, it may actually prove to be a more potent information-gathering tool.

However, the shorter throw distance of Haunt means that the Turkish agent may not excel on every map.For instance, she is likely to struggle on bigger maps like Breeze and Icebox, where players can easily hide from her utility. Prowler also can’t cover the longer distances on these maps, limiting its viability.

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Which Valorant Maps Are Best For Fade?

Best Maps For Fade
Best Maps For Fade

Several Valorant pros have already weighed in on the best maps to play Fade on. “She should be good on almost every map which is kind of open with a lot of roofs,” said Acend’s Ondřej “MONSTEERR” Petrů. “So like Bind, Ascent, and Haven.”

All three maps have relatively open sites and roofs that serve as prime landing spots for Haunt, allowing Fade to quickly scan the majority of a site. At the same time, the smaller size of the maps means that she can get a lot of value out of Prowler, allowing her to clear angles and corners easily.

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On Bind, for example, the Turkish initiator has multiple Haunt lineups when attacking from A Short. One particularly effective one lands on the roof in front of A site, revealing nearly the entire site. Prowler also works well for clearing out Hookah, similar to Raze’s Boom Bot.


Fade is a strong pick on Ascent as well. Like Sova’s Recon Bolt, Haunt can quickly scan B Main, allowing her to spray down enemies through the wall from B Lane. It can also be thrown onto a roof at Mid, providing a ton of information on enemy positions and potential rotations in an instant.


She is shaping up to be an excellent choice on Split as well, another relatively small map. Prowler is a great tool for clearing out A Ramp, according to The Guard’s Jacob “valyn” Batio, and she can check both sides of Ramp with just a single use of the ability.

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The open nature of sites on Split also allows a well-placed Haunt to clear out several common positions, such as Rafters and Hell on A site.

Finally, Valorant’s newest map, Fracture, is a bit of a toss-up. While Fracture is a pretty large map, it still allows for close-quarter engagements and has many narrow spaces that Prowler can be used to clear. Fade could see use as a secondary initiator, but she is unlikely to replace Breach on this map.

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