ezfn: Get All Skins Free and Unlimited V-Bucks!

ezfn Fortnite
ezfn Fortnite Private Server

ezfn is a website that has a private server you can use for trolling your friends, creating lobby bots, and making different skins. You can later on design your very own Skins. You will also have some of the rarest skins in-game for free. All of this offered by ezfn.dev.

Having all the rarest skins in-game, having as many V-bucks as you want to have. All you have to do is follow some simple steps and you’ll be good to go.

What is ezfn?

ezfn launcher download

This website as mentioned earlier is a Private Fortnite Server Provider where you can have any number of V-bucks. Yes! any number of V-bucks(Buy anything that you like!). With some of the rarest and Legendary Skins that actually cost so many V-bucks in-game.

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All you have to do for the sign-up is follow the steps given below. After this, you’ll have your own Custom Account with unlimited V-Bucks. You can also create your very own Lobbybot to troll your friends.

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How to Sign Up for your Private Server?

ezfn Signup
ezfn.dev Signup

ezfn.dev is where you’ll have to sign up for this. ezfn will provide you with all the details that you need to sign up for the Private Server. Follow the steps below to get your own Private Server for Fortnite:

  • Open your browser and visit ezfn.dev
  • Download the ezfn Launcher(Make sure you have your anti-virus turned off to install and run the launcher.)
  • Inside the Launcher you’ll have to create an account of your own.
  • Just provide your e-mail, username, password agree to their Terms & Conditions.
  • After creating your account, open the Launcher again.
  • Select Private Server in the launcher. Click on “Launch EZFN”
  • It’ll take about 3-4 minutes to log you into the Private Server so wait until then.
  • You’ll be in the Spawn Lobby with every single item that has released till now. Not to mention an unlimited amount of V-Bucks as well.
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After this, you’ll have all the emotes, skins, accessories, gliders, pick-axes, skin wraps, and whatnot. You’ll have access to every single item of Fortnite and be able to do whatever you want to.

You can also generate your own free skins using Getskinsfree.com. Know more here.

Watch this short video to help you out:

Does ezfn Really Work?

Yes, ezfn absolutely works. People are still ambiguous as to whether this is legal or not. As it is a private server and it drives the traffic from Fortnite to their own servers. It might not be legal after all. For this, you’ll have to read their services carefully. Finally, in the end, we’d like to say that using a Private Server can get you in some trouble as well. So, try this at your own risk.

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