Fortnite Freaky Flights: Map Code and Challenges

Fortnite Freaky Flights is going to be the next creative limited-time mode to host the Cosmic Summer challenges. Players will once again be able to take to the skies in the X-4 and cause chaos.


The third phase of the Fortnite Summer Cosmic Challenge is just around the corner, and players should be ready for some great action mid-air. Now players will have to take the skies to accomplish the next set of Fortnite Cosmic Summer challenges. Fortnite Freaky Flights Map code will help you access the next creative limited-time mode to host the Cosmic Summer quests Fortnite.

Unlike the Pro 100 LTM or the Bios Zone War LTM, players will rarely get the chance to run about the map in the creative Fortnite Freaky Flights LTM, whereas most of the fighting is X-4 versus X-4 combat.

Nevertheless, players can easily jump out of their planes and land on the enemy’s team ship to engage in some close-range fighting. This article will give all the information about the challenges and rewards of competing in Freaky Flights creative LTM.

Fortnite Freaky Flights LTM Map Code

The Freaky Flights creative LTM map code is 1234-7609-6108 or 6504-3264-2209. The LTM is scheduled to go live on June 28th, 2021.


Therefore, here are the steps to get access to the Freaky Flights creative LTM:

Step-1 – Select the ‘Creative’ option in-game after launching Fortnite.

Step-2 – Click “Change” to get access to the “Creative” menu.

Step-3 – Press “Play”

Step-4 – Select the “Island Code” and press “enter.”

Step 5 – Type 1234-7609-6108 or 6504-3264-2209 and press “Launch” to start the game.

fortnite cosmic summer quests: island code
Island Code

Challenges And Rewards

Furthermore, there are three challenges for players to accomplish in the Fortnite Freaky Flights LTM. Well, the challenges aren’t really that tough, but the dogfights in mid-air can become rather perplexed and puzzling. Regardless, players shouldn’t have a tough time completing them. So, let’s move onto Cosmic Summer Quests of Fortnite on the map.

Straightaway, here are the challenges:

  • Travel 5,000 meters in X-4 Stormwings in Freaky Flights – 0/5,000
  • Spend coins to purchase items at the vending machine in Freaky Flights – 0/50
  • Terminate players while in an X-4 Stormwing in Freaky Flights – 0/25
    Fortnite Freaky Flights Cosmic Summer Quests
    Cosmic Summer Quests

    Fortnite Twitter Page

In addition to the XP rewards, cosmetics such as the Brain Freeze Orangeberry (Back Bling with unlockable styles), the Cloud Llama Board (Glider with unlockable styles), and KA-BANG! (Wrap) will be provided to the players. This wraps up the Fortnite Freaky Flights Cosmic Summer Quests.

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