Dead Island 2 Golden Weapons Pack: Complete Guide

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Dead Island 2 Golden Weapons Pack

The zombie-slaying spectacle of Dead Island 2 is of the highest caliber. It gives players access to a diverse array of characters and offers the arena-like Hell-A as a setting for their death-crushing antics. This brazen zombie slayer has a lot to recommend it. It includes a dynamic combat system, a gripping story, and a wealth of multiplayer possibilities. Dead Island 2: Golden Weapons is a DLC weaponry set that may be purchased separately. Two weapons are in it: Abuela’s Ashes Mace and Sam B’s Pistol.

The setting of the game is a violent Los Angeles where gamers may wander the area, interact with interesting people, and fight endless zombies in graphic detail. The PS4 and PS5 versions of Dead Island 2 have been made available, and the Gold Edition includes both, as well as the Golden and Pulp Weapons Packs and an Expansion Pass.

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Players who purchase the Gold Edition will get access to two newly created story sections that will be published after the game’s debut thanks to the Expansion Pass. New material, such as extra missions, protagonists, and areas to discover, is offered to players through the past.

Claim Dead Island 2 Golden Weapons Pack:

Only Trader Dougie, whom you’ll encounter inside the Serling Hotel on Ocean Avenue, carries the Golden Weapons Pack. Anticipate getting familiar with the majority of the additional weaponry before accessing the extra material, as this area isn’t reachable until three-quarters of the way through the primary quest path.

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Stroll down to the lobby once you’ve arrived at the hotel. The primary quest of Digging the Depths will be waiting for you when you awaken following the cutscene. Turn left to follow the quest’s directions, and then proceed straight beyond the signpost to the hotel bar. All weapons are freely available, with Dougie standing on the other side of the bar.

Golden Weapon Pack:

In the Gold Weapons Pack, you will find the One-Hit Wonder and Abuela’s Ashes weapons, formerly known as Sam’s Pistol. The first item is a mace that belongs in the aiming profile. The second item is a handgun that belongs in the tactical profile. They’ll complement your player rank and ought to be seen as a powerful exceptional rarity, much like the firearms from the other armament bundle.

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Although the name of the package claims exclusivity as Gold Edition, these also come with the less expensive Deluxe Edition. However, the most premium version is required if you intend on purchasing both weapon sets in the game.

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