CODM: Two New & Exciting Seasonal Challenges

CODM Seasonal Challenges - GKS
CODM Seasonal Challenges – GKS

This week Call of Duty announced in their community update that two new CODM Seasonal Challenges are going live. One of them is titled ‘Run & Gun’ & another one as ‘Master Operator.’  The community update is also inclusive of news about new game modes, gameplay changes & bug fixes.

Run & Gun challenge: CODM Seasonal Challenge

In detail, players who take up the Run & Gun challenge will be rewarded with the GKS-Kitsune skin upon completing all the specified tasks. The challenge consists of missions for both Battle Royale & MP mode. However, most of the tasks require an SMG to fulfil the objective. Additionally, users will also be able to get their hands on the .50GS-Warp, KN-44 Warp, Cosmic Wave (Rare) Backpack as secondary rewards.

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Master Operator challenge: CODM

Next up, we have the Master Operator challenge as another one of CODM Seasonal Challenges. The easiest among all seasonal challenges requires players to use specified Operator Skills. Despite the absence of any Epic Blueprint, it offers rewards like the M16 Trance, Robot Buddy & Ouroborous Spray.

Other Challenges & Interesting Events

Lastly, there are other exciting seasonal challenges like Deadly Mist, Mod Crew & Master of All. Among these, the Deadly mist is undoubtedly an exceptional one as it introduces a new item to the game. The Gas Grenade. The item grants you the ability to disorient your enemy upon detonation.

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CODM Seasonal Challenges - Gas Bomb
CODM Seasonal Challenges – Gas Bomb

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, COD Mobile has rolled out content such as the Valentine Redux Draw & Sweet Valentine Crate. According to COD Mobile, The Anime Styled crate fits perfectly to celebrate the Holidays with colourful weaponry. Blass off your enemies with aww by using the cutest vehicle camos in the game right now.

Other exciting events such as the Lunar Year & Carnival have also become the talk of the town. They are introduced in the game to celebrate the Lunar Chinese New Year & the Brazilan carnival, respectively. While The Carnival comes only as a purchasable Bundle there are certain ways to get the AK47: Year of the Ox skin for free in COD Mobile. Check out this article to know how to avail it for free.

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