CODM May Add ‘GLOVES’ Melee Weapon to The Game

glove cod mobile
glove cod mobile

Call of Duty mobile has reportedly added Gloves melee weapon in the Chinese version of the game. This free to play game has introduced something that resembles the Thanos gauntlet. The item is available now in the “Year of the Ox” crate of the Chinese version.

In celebration of the Lunar Chinese New Year, developers have included the crate in the global version as well. Unfortunately, only the Chinese version of the game contains the gloves as a crate reward.

Though it is uncertain if the item will ever end up in the global version of the game, we can still check if the glove fits or not.

Glove Stats: Call of Duty Mobile

According to a report, the glove can cause a significant amount of damage (50) with a fire rate of 10. The mobility is a very impressive 90. However, it comes with a range of only 10.

Further reports suggest that the glove carries similar specifications as the knife. Thus it is very likely that the gloves are released just as a modified skin for the knife. Check out the video.

”Year of the Ox” event: CODM

Apart from that, the Year of the OX carte offers an array of other fantastic items. The other rewards are AK47- Year of the Ox, MW11 Quartz, Axe Quartz & some rather satisfying weapon skins.

Players can also access the crates for free upon completing the challenges under the specific event. You can get up to ten crates for free. However, players can directly purchase the crates if one is not so inclined to spend too much time on secondary missions.

The stats of the glove of call of duty mobile is quite impressive, but nothing comes close in comparison to the Axe. Due to its impeccable range, players are scared of the opponents who lurks around in the alleyways with it. That said, who wouldn’t love to punch enemies in the face with a pair of cool gloves? After all, everybody loves the superhero feeling, especially when it brings a Thanos out of you. “The Year of the Ox” event is live till February 18th.

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