Top Four PUBG Mobile Maps 2024: Everything Know Here!

PUBG Mobile Maps 2024
The top four PUBG Mobile Maps 2024 Such as Erangel, Miramar, and more, know special features and good land locations on maps. | Credit: PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile is a battle royale free-to-play game with excessive popularity in the mobile game world. This game includes multiple gaming modes in which players have to fight battles to win the matches. The map part is one of the best in PUBG Mobile than in any other mobile game. Including numerous gaming modes with several items, features, rewards, and more to entice the users. The maps of different formats such as snowy, desert, and others allow players to grab the loot in the challenges. Here we mentioned the top 4 PUBG Mobile maps 2024 by which you get a great adventure, collect loot, and face special features.

Top Four PUBG Mobile Maps 2024


This map has been a part of the PUBG Mobile Maps 2024 world for a very long time, Sanhok is a small size map of – 4×4 km. Inside it, You can find a dense jungle(verdant land), rivers, and small lakes. The dense forest helps players in fast-paced close-quarters gunfights. It includes heavy-combat experiences by which players will more easily destroy their opponents regularly. Map almost guaranteed of initial game encounters which means you have to focus to find a decent loot right away.

The loot offers attachments, and bonuses like magazine capacity. To get it the best places for top-tier gear are the Ruins, the Bootcamp, and Paradise Resort. Loot Trucks are a special feature present in this map and you can also destroy it to get more loot but keep in mind that you should be surrounded by other teammates while shooting.

Special Features

Loot Trucks: These are four-wheeled behemoth trucks, in Sanhok you will have four of them in the starting and four while moving ahead in-game. By destroying them, you get a huge pile of loot.

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Good Places To Land

  • Bootcamp: Bootcamp is an equivalent place such as School or Pecado, in which players find high loot spawn rates. Apart from this involves more than one player at the same time for quite a while.
  • Paradise Resort: Located in the middle of the map, it is a large size area in which multiplayer is present in courtyards and offers solid loot.


Including a standard size of – 8×8 km, Erangel is the first map that PUBG Mobile launched officially known as the Default PUBG map. The map terrain is based on forest and grassland along with a balanced mid to long-range combat. If you are looking for the best loot so go to Sosnovka military base Pochinki and the school along with other players. To avoid the crossover you can choose a bridge to Sosnovka Island in the south, you can use one of your four ferries. The map’s southern part is an isolated Iceland area housing a military base that connects to the mainland via two small bridges.

Special Features

  • Ferries: They help players to cross over waterways in the Erangel map. you can find a total of four ferries that make a round trip throughout the game for those who are not lucky enough to cross the bridge.

Good Place To Land

  • Quarry: Located in the southern best portion it is a flat area with an isolated building that provides loot to the players on a map.
  • Military Base: It is home to such a great lot which is located on the southern Island and is connected by only two bridges where you land when you start your match.
  • School: Unlike a military base, this is a location that is near to death center of the map and another high-volume area.
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PUBG Mobile Maps 2024
The top four PUBG Mobile Maps 2024 Such as Erangel, Miramar, and more, know special features and good land locations on maps. | Credit: PUBG Mobile.


Ultimate spinner map with a Standard size of 8×8 km is a part PUBG Mobile Maps 2024 list. The terrain – desert vast planes and hills, to spot your enemy before they spot you. Miramar map is like a trip to a desert including urban areas with lower combat than other maps in PUBG. So take a trip and stand out as the last player in this desert map. To race in Miramar the best place is quad, along with that it also features a sniper rifle capable of blowing up vehicles and a LYNX ARM weapon so aware of these too. Miramar is the only map that includes vending machines dotted with energy drinks and painkillers around the map.

Special Features: 

  • Quads
  • Vending machines: For energy drinks and painkillers, and
  • LYNX AMR anti-vehicle weapons: PUBG’s first anti-materiel rifle found by airdrop.

Good Place To Land

  • Water Treatment: A small area, present north of the Miramar map contains a medium amount of lotto to start your game. In this, you have to face two to three opponents around the water treatment.
  • EI Azahar: Include a few circular standalone buildings in the northeastern area of the map with enough loot for the players.
  • Los Leones: This setup belongs to the initial firefighting with a good loot collection.
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This is the snowy warzone area including a public transport system Operating feature. The public transport system contains trains so players can use them to transfer or move across the map. But if players do not feel safe traveling with moving trains so, they also use hop present on 11 train stations on the map. Along with this have a Pine forest and mountain with the 6×6 km map.

Special Feature: Train.

Good Place To Land

  • Lumber Yard: Located on the Southeastern coast with decent loot on the corner areas.
  • Dino Park: Similar advantages as Lumber Yard but with one different one. On this southwestern coast, users can find a lot of items but go with them by finding a safe zone.


That its! The PUBG Mobile Maps 2024 is one of the famous maps in the mobile gaming world. The players love to explore these exciting adventure maps in-game thrill. In this players used to collect loot, fight with opponents, and load their items buckets with exclusive rewards. PUBG Mobile has more and more not just four such as Taego, Paramo, Haven, and Karakin. But up mentioned are some of the best maps PUBG introduces in it. Its first map is Erangel known as the default PUBG map launched with standard size for all users. Others also contain some interesting features so go and explore them.