Clash of Clans’ Newest Warrior: The Root Rider in the December 2023 Update

This strong warrior has an advantage over other ground units because she charges into battle perched atop a thick tree root.

Root Rider Clash of Clans
Dec 15, 2023 | Root Rider |

Chiefs, welcome! The Root Rider, which had debuted in the December 2023 update, will provide a revolutionary new element to the Clash of Clans game world. Let’s explore the specifics and tactics of this seismic unit as we set out on this adventure.

Meet the Root Rider: Your Nature-Ally in Battle

When your Barracks achieve Level 16, an Elixir soldier called the Root Rider will make an appearance at Town Hall 15. This strong warrior has an advantage over other ground units because she charges into battle perched atop a thick tree root. The Root Rider, endowed with an instinctive affinity for the natural world, can move through the battlefield without assistance.

Capabilities of the Root Rider

  1. Favorite Target: Defenses
  2. Damage Type: Single Target
  3. Targets: Ground
  4. Housing Space: 20
  5. Movement Speed: 12
  6. Training Time: 3m 40s
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Upgrading the Root Rider

As the Root Rider levels up, her powers become even more awe-inspiring. Here’s a breakdown of the key statistics and requirements for each upgrade:

Town Hall Level DPS Wall DPS HP Upgrade Time Upgrade Cost
15 (Level 1) 210 10K 7200 N/A N/A
15 (Level 2) 230 10K 7600 12d 19M Elixir
16 (Level 3) 250 10K 8000 14d 20M Elixir


Strategies for Deploying

  1. Swift Penetration: With her remarkable speed, the Root Rider is perfect for quickly penetrating enemy bases. Use this to your advantage when planning attacks.
  2. Focused Destruction: The Root Rider excels at obliterating defensive structures. Deploy her strategically to target high-priority defenses, such as air defenses and Inferno Towers.
  3. Group Deployments: For maximum impact, unleash Root Riders in groups. Overwhelm your opponent’s defenses with a coordinated assault.
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Advanced Tactics for Mastering

  1. Healer Synergy: Keep your Root Riders in the battle for longer by pairing them with Healers. This not only increases their longevity but also enhances their overall damage output.
  2. Awareness of Enemy Threats: Be cautious of enemy Heroes and troops that can swiftly eliminate Root Riders. Plan your attacks carefully to keep them out of harm’s way.
  3. Strategic Planning: Before deploying Root Riders, devise a thoughtful strategy. Consider the layout of the base, the placement of defensive structures, and potential threats.

Potential Risks and Precautions

While the Root Rider brings a breath of fresh air to Clash of Clans strategies, there are risks associated with her usage:

  1. Malware Concerns: Ensure that you download Clash of Clans updates only from official sources to avoid potential malware threats.
  2. Security Vulnerabilities: Using unofficial versions of the game may expose you to security vulnerabilities. Stick to official platforms for a secure gaming experience.
  3. Terms of Service Violation: Downloading from unofficial sources might violate the game’s terms of service and could lead to account suspension. Prioritize official channels for updates.
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As we anticipate the arrival of the December 2023 update, the Root Rider stands as a symbol of innovation in Clash of Clans. Embrace her power, incorporate strategic deployments, and lead your clan to victory with this nature-inspired warrior.

Stay tuned for the next sneak peek, Chiefs! Clash On!

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