Quick Tips to Accelerate Base Upgrades in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans Base
17/08/2023 | Upgrading your Clash of Clans base faster requires a combination of strategic planning. | Credits: Supercell

In the world of Clash of Clans, upgrading your base is essential for success. More robust defences, powerful troops, and better resource generation all hinge on having a well-upgraded base. However, the upgrade process can be time-consuming, and players often seek ways to expedite their progress. In this article, we’ll provide you with valuable tips on how to upgrade your Clash of Clans base faster and more efficiently.

Prioritize Upgrades

One of the key strategies for faster base upgrades is prioritizing your upgrades. Focus on upgrading buildings and defences that will have the most significant impact on your overall gameplay. Start with upgrading essential structures like Town Hall, Clan Castle, and resource collectors. Next, concentrate on defensive structures such as mortars, air defences, and walls. Prioritizing upgrades that improve your defence and resource generation will lay a strong foundation for your base.

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Maximize Resource Collection

Resources are the lifeblood of Clash of Clans, and efficiently collecting them is crucial for faster upgrades. Make sure your resource collectors, mines, and drills are upgraded to their maximum levels. Join an active clan to benefit from Clan Perks that boost resource collection. Utilize boosts and magic items wisely to enhance resource production during key moments, such as when you’re planning to do back-to-back upgrades.

Utilize Builders Efficiently

As you progress in the game, you’ll unlock additional builders. Efficiently managing your builders can significantly speed up your base’s development. Always keep your builders busy with upgrades – even if it’s a small improvement. Aim to have all builders working simultaneously to minimize downtime. Use gems strategically to speed up specific upgrades when necessary.

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Take Advantage of Events and Challenges

Clash of Clans frequently offers special events and challenges that provide rewards and bonuses. These events often include reduced upgrade times or increased resource rewards. Participate in these events to make the most of the benefits they offer. Additionally, complete challenges and earn rewards to help you progress faster.

Plan Your Upgrades

Having a clear upgrade plan can streamline your progress. Use the builder’s base to continue upgrading structures while your main village’s builders are occupied. This prevents downtime and optimizes your overall upgrade schedule. Furthermore, plan your upgrades in a way that minimizes resource wastage – for instance, upgrade high-resource structures when your storages are full.

Invest in Magic Items

Magic items are powerful tools that can accelerate your base’s growth. Books of Building, Hammer of Heroes, and Runes of Gold can be particularly useful for instantly completing or significantly speeding up upgrades. Utilize these items strategically to expedite critical upgrades, especially when you’re aiming to progress quickly.

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Upgrading your Clash of Clans base faster requires a combination of strategic planning, efficient resource management, and smart utilization of in-game features. By prioritizing upgrades, maximizing resource collection, utilizing builders efficiently, taking advantage of events, planning upgrades, and investing in magic items, you’ll be well on your way to achieving a more robust and advanced base in no time. Remember, patience and a well-thought-out approach are essential to successfully upgrading your base while enjoying the journey.

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