Clash of Clans: Revealing the Potential of Hero Equipment

This revolutionary innovation opens up a whole new level of gameplay by enabling Clashers from Town Hall 8 and forward to customize their Heroes.

Hero equipment
Dec 14, 2023 | Image Via Clash of Clans |

Your fantasies of being able to improve the powers of your Clash of Clans Heroes are about to come true if you’ve ever discovered them locked in an endless loop! A novel feature called Hero Equipment is unveiled by Supercell.

This revolutionary innovation opens up a whole new level of gameplay by enabling Clashers from Town Hall 8 and forward to customize their Heroes. Prepare to expand on your tactics, try out new assaults, and improve your overall Clash of Clans gameplay!

Customize Your Heroes Like Never Before

Hero Equipment empowers players to personalize their Heroes, choosing specific abilities to unleash in battle. Say goodbye to the monotony of routine attacks and hello to a world of endless possibilities.

Ever envisioned your Archer Queen firing a colossal arrow across the entire battlefield? How about equipping your Barbarian King with stompy Earthquake Boots to crush enemy walls? The time has come to shake things up, Chiefs, and revolutionize your Clash of Clans assaults! Your familiar Hero abilities, such as the Barbarian King’s Iron Fist, are now dissected into various Hero Equipment pieces that can be both upgraded and replaced.

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For example, attaching the Barbarian Puppet enables your Barbarian King to summon a horde of Raged Barbarians. Swap it with the Vampstache, and now your Barbarian King can heal himself with every strike. The power is in your hands!

Introducing the Blacksmith: Your Gateway to Hero Evolution

To unlock the potential of Hero Equipment, Clashers can construct the all-new Blacksmith building, available from Town Hall level 8 and above. Much like the Pet House levels up Hero Pets, the Blacksmith becomes the epicenter for upgrading Hero Equipment and tailoring your Heroes’ abilities. As you progress through Town Hall levels, the Blacksmith offers a variety of upgrades, each unlocking new and potent Hero Equipment. From Earthquake Boots to the Healing Tome, each enhancement brings a unique twist to your Heroes’ capabilities.

Meet the Ores: Fueling Hero Equipment Upgrades

Hero Equipment isn’t static – it’s dynamic and upgradable. To fuel these upgrades, Clashers need new resources: Shiny Ore, Glowy Ore, and Starry Ore. Shiny Ore, the most common, caters to all levels for Common and Epic Equipment. Glowy Ore, rarer in nature, is crucial for upgrading key levels for both Common and Epic Hero Equipment.

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Starry Ore, the rarest of them all, is essential for pushing Epic Equipment beyond certain levels. These Ores can be earned through various channels, including Home Village Star Bonuses, Clan Wars, The Trader, and the in-game Shop. Additionally, Gems can be utilized if you find yourself short on Ores


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Upgrade and Dominate: The Heroic Journey

Once armed with the required resources, upgrading Hero Equipment becomes a reality. With levels ranging from 1 to 9 for Town Halls 8 to 16, Clashers can enhance their favorite Equipment to new heights. Each Hero can wield two pieces of Hero Equipment simultaneously.

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Whether it’s Active abilities, requiring manual activation during battle, or Passive abilities that are perpetually active, the choice is yours. Equip your Heroes strategically, enhancing their abilities in unique ways. As Clashers delve into this Heroic journey, they’ll discover that Common Equipment can be upgraded to level 18 and unlocked by enhancing the Blacksmith.

Epic Equipment, on the other hand, can reach level 27 and is attainable during special events. Some Equipment even boasts secondary effects like increased DPS, HP recovery, and enhanced movement speed. Supercell promises ongoing updates, introducing more Equipment in the future, and offering Clashers unparalleled flexibility, power, and customization for their Heroes. Prepare to witness your Heroes evolve into unstoppable forces on the Clash of Clans battlefield.


Hero Equipment is set to redefine Clash of Clans strategy, opening a realm of tactical possibilities for seasoned and aspiring Chiefs alike. Equip, upgrade, and dominate – the Heroic era in Clash of Clans has just begun!

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