10 Legal Ways to Get Free Gems in Clash of Clans

Free Gems
25/11/2022 | It might be frustrating to wait long for something to upgrade. Therefore, we all lean towards using gems to save time. But how about getting free gems in Clash of Clans. | Credits: Twitter

Clash of Clans is a free-to-play player-vs-player method sport from Supercell, which additionally makes the famous sport Clash Royale, which was once launched in 2012. Although it was once first launched a decade ago, Clash of Clans is nonetheless a rather famous sport with seventy-six million lively players! If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of human beings who love taking part in the game, then you’re in all likelihood thinking about how to get free Gems in Clash of Clans.

Gems are awesome due to the fact you can use them to enhance your village. They are the forex of the game, kind of like how Minecoins in Minecraft permit you to purchase stuff in the game. You can use Gems to right away end education queues in Barracks, Spell Factories, and Workshops. Gems can additionally be used to buy Gold, Elixir, or Dark Elixir.

And, if you don’t prefer to have to wait, then you can use your Gems to right away whole the development or improvement of Buildings, enhancements in the Laboratory, or enhancements of your heroes. And, that’s simply to title a few of the matters that you can do with Gems. So, how do you get your arms on them?

Although Clash of Clans is free to play, it’s technically a freemium game, in which ability you can purchase objects inside the recreation if you desire to. However, if you’re searching to shop for money, your finances are tight, or you simply don’t choose to spend a bunch of cash on cell games, then you’ll favor comprehending how to get Gems for free. Thankfully, there are certain approaches you can get Gems for free on the game.

Complete Achievements

One way that you can get free Gems in Clash of Clans is with the aid of finishing achievements. As you play the game, you work closer to a range of one-of-a-kind accomplishments, and for finishing these, you earn Gems. Generally speaking, the extra challenging the success is to obtain, the greater Gems it rewards you with.

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So, matters like finishing missions, unlocking troops, and upgrading your village can earn you free Gems, as long as you consider going into your achievements and declaring them. By simply enjoying the sport you can earn Gems. It is worth having a appear at your achievements and then working toward a unique one if you desire to get Gems fast. Each success has three tiers, so you have plenty of probability to get Gems.


For enjoying games, finishing missions, and inviting friends, you accumulate Soul Gems. You can alternate the Soul Gems for free Gems in Clash of Clans. There are a couple of preferences available. You can get 1200 Gems in Clash of Clans or 1700 Gems in Clash of Clans. Please notice that these rewards are handy for Clash of Clans on Android.

You can additionally trade the Soul Gems you earn on Gamehag for cash to your PayPal account. And, then use this cash to get Gems for free on Clash of Clans. So, if you have an iOS device, then you should go for the PayPal alternative and get free Gems that way.

Clear Trees and Rocks in Your Village

Another handy way to get Gems is to clear bushes and rocks in your village. You can discover hidden Gems by clearing timber and rocks in your village. And some of these develop back, so make positive you test your village.

Idle Empire

Idle Empire is an internet site that can pay you to do a bunch of extraordinary online tasks. This consists of matters like answering paid surveys, staring at videos, finishing offers, and trying out the software.

You’ll earn factors for doing these tasks, and you can redeem them for Google Play present playing cards and iTunes present cards. Then, you can use the present card on your device, so your iPhone or your Android phone, to get Gems for free. You can additionally redeem your factors for cash to your PayPal account and then use the money to get Gems.

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Look Out for Gem Boxes in Your Village

Gem containers will show up in your village each so often. You can open the field and get around 25 free Gems! These packing containers don’t show up that often, however, this is such a convenient way to get free Gems!


Next, we have PrizeRebel and this is every other remarkable website you can use if you choose to get some Gems on Clash of Clans for free. On PrizeRebel, you can get paid to do a bunch of convenient online tasks, like taking market lookup surveys, signing up for company title offers, and looking at videos.

For doing these tasks, you’ll earn points, and you can redeem these factors for Google Play present cards, or cash to your PayPal account, which you can then use to get free Gems in Clash of Clans.

Repair the Gem Mine in the Builder Base

You can also get free Gems on Clash of Clans if you restore the Gem Mine in the Builder Base. Once you’ve repaired the Gem mine, you will get free Gems from it daily.

You can get admission to this greater camp through the use of the boat at the backside of your preliminary village. Tap on the boat, and the boat will deliver you to the Builder Base camp the place you are capable to play fits in opposition to others in 1v1 combat, and improving gadgets and building.


You can do whole duties on GrabPoints, like taking surveys and staring at movies and earning points. You can then redeem your factors for rewards. This consists of present playing cards or cell currencies like Clash of Clans Gems. You can additionally get paid to your PayPal account and then use the cash to get free Gems. You can get a $5 bonus simply for signing up for the site.

Look out for Events that Reward you With Gems

You must additionally appear for occasions due to the fact these reward you with Gems or magic gadgets that can be bought for Gems. So, seem out for activities that are presently lively and you may also be capable to get greater Gems.

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ZoomBucks will pay you to do a lot of special duties online, like observing videos, taking surveys, and finishing offers. You’ll earn factors for finishing these tasks. And you can redeem these factors for iTune’s present playing cards and Google Play keeps present playing cards that you can use to get free Gems in Clash of Clans.

ZoomBucks will e-mail your iTunes present card or Google Play shop present card codes to you within forty-eight hours. So, you can get your reward distinctly quickly.

You can additionally redeem your factors for cash proper to your PayPal account, which you can then use to get free Gems.

Clash of Clans Free Gems Generator

Anyone who performs Clash of Clans would like greater Gems. If you have been learning how to get free Gems in Clash of Clans, then you’ve in all likelihood viewed these turbines that promise free Gems for no effort or money. A website online will simply say that it is a free Clash of Clans Gems generator and that it will generate Gems with no catch. But, these mills are scams.

Some of these websites will get you to download software programs that are a virus or malware that places your machine at risk, some will attempt to make cash from you by getting you to complete surveys, and others will strive to get your e-mail tackle to rip off you. Overall, Clash of Clans Gems mills are scams that you must avoid. No website is simply giving away free Gems simply for the sake of it. You will usually want to do something in return to get the Gems, like taking part in games, staring at videos, or taking surveys.

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