Call of Duty Mobile Season 2: New Modes, Release Date and More

Call of Duty Mobile Season 2
14/02/2023/ Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 / Credits – Activision

It is anticipated that the next Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 2023 would provide new material to the game, including as new maps, weapon improvements, and game types. Additionally, a new Battle Pass will be released with a variety of goodies, including operators, camos, and perks, which can be acquired by levelling up.

To improve the gaming experience, the update will also feature bug fixes and weapon balance. This detailed overview of what to anticipate from the update is provided for those who are anxiously awaiting it.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 2

Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 has no official release date as of yet, however, based on the current Season 1 Battle Pass expiration date, it is anticipated to begin on February 22nd, Wednesday.

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In keeping with previous announcements, the update is also slated to go live at about 4:00 PT. Activision is anticipated to confirm the information shortly, and we’ll keep you posted.

A new map is arriving at the Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 update:

The multiplayer map Diesel, which debuted in Black Ops Cold War Season 3, is reportedly coming to Call of Duty Mobile. Diesel is a medium-sized desert-themed battleground created for 6v6 combat and shootout competitions.

Due to its fast-paced gameplay, Diesel has gained popularity among players since its release.

The Mecha Brawl mode is coming soon

According to early reports, Mecha Brawl will be a new game mode in Call of Duty Mobile Season 2. Players will control Goliaths from the outset in this mode, and each Goliath is anticipated to have its own set of power-ups and abilities.

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The minimum scores, map sizes, and lobby sizes needed to win are currently unclear. Players may anticipate knowing more about this new game mode in the coming days as further details are anticipated to be released.

Leaks of game balance changes in COD Mobile Season 2

There isn’t much information available now about what will be included in the next Call of Duty Mobile update. Except for predicted fortunate drawings and boxes and modifications to weapon balance, no substantial leaks have been made and the official material has not yet been made public.

The CBR 4, the DL Q33, and the Ballista EM3 will reportedly be nerfed, while several assault rifles, according to sources, will receive bonuses.

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Along with legendary operator skins for Nyx and Maddox, legendary rarity cosmetics for GKS and HS0405, premium cosmetics may be anticipated in fortunate drawings.

Even though there is a lot of ambiguity around Call of Duty Mobile, we’ll keep you informed as fresh details emerge. The upcoming days will provide additional information to players.

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