Call of Duty Mobile Battle Pass Season 8: Complete Details

The COD Mobile season 8 battle pass is all set and will be launching very soon in the game. Follow up on this article for the complete details regarding it!

Call of Duty Mobile Battle Pass Season 8
Call of Duty Mobile Battle Pass Season 8

Call of Duty Mobile Battle Pass Season 8: The season 8 of COD Mobile is all set to launch and the battle pass of the previous season 7 will be finsihing today. And, new battle pass of Call of Duty Mobile will be also releasing with the new season.

Follow up on this article for the details about the Call of Duty Mobile Battle Pass and the upcoming features in season 8.

The season 7 of COD Mobile is about to come to an end and the players have undoubtedly enjoyed this season taking numerous challenges, events and receiving rewards.

Now, further, the players are gearing up for next season and are excited to witness the new features and additions. The next season is going to be the Season 8 in COD Mobile, that is all set and will be launching very soon or just in a while.

Moreover, the new season brings a variety of new items, characters, maps and overall many features throughout the game. And, this forthcoming season will be also celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the game.

Therefore, the next season is named as Call of Duty Mobile – Season 8: 2nd anniversary itself. There are several changes made in the new season along with the battle pass as a new battle pass will launch with new season.

Therefore, here are the details about the new battle pass and other new items releasing in the season 8.

Click here to know the exact release time and date of COD Mobile season 8!

Here are the Details about the New COD Mobile Battle Pass and More in Season 8:

The previous Battle pass of season 7 will be coming to an end today and the next battle pass will be releasing on 23 september while the season 8 of COD Mobile is already live today.

The new battle pass and season 8 will feature a couple of new items adding in the game. Meanwhile, the trailer for the season 8 has announced recently and it suggests many new features coming to COD Mobile.

An all new battle royal map naming Blackout originatining officially from the Black OPS will be releasing in COD Mobile with the new season.

Moreover, two new MP maps naming Holger Sawmill and redefined Crash will be also releasing in new season. Also, two new weapons naming M13 AR and R90 shotgun will also feature in the upcoming season.

Apart from these, many other perks, operator skills, events, characters and more items will be releasing with season 8!

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