Boostio Potential Move from Evil Geniuses to 100 Thieves in Valorant

12/10/2023 | Will Kelden “Boostio” Pupello make the move from Evil Geniuses to 100 Thieves in VALORANT? An offseason filled with uncertainty unfolds. | Credits: Valorant

The offseason in the world of competitive gaming is often filled with speculations, roster changes, and transfers. This year’s Valorant offseason is no different, with one of the most intriguing stories surrounding Kelden “Boostio” Pupello, the reigning VALORANT world champion. The possibility of Boostio moving from Evil Geniuses (EG) to 100 Thieves (100T) started making headlines back in September, thanks to long-time esports journalist Richard Lewis.

According to Lewis, Boostio expressed his desire to leave EG, but their initial attempt to secure him was blocked by the organization. It was a situation filled with uncertainty. Boostio reportedly wished to part ways with EG, and this led EG to issue an ultimatum to its players – either accept a pay cut or find another team. It was a challenging situation that kept fans and the esports community on edge.

A Glimmer of Hope for Boostio

Fast forward to the past 24 hours, and there’s a glimmer of hope for Boostio’s potential move to 100T. Interestingly, this news didn’t come from the player or an official source, but from someone who knows Boostio very well – his mom. Boostio’s mom, who goes by the username “Boostio_mom” on Twitter, retweeted an offseason spreadsheet from VALORANT insider Flynn. The tweet included the message “Thank you @EvilGeniuses @100T_Esports.”

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The fact that Boostio’s mom acknowledged this move suggests that there might be ongoing discussions or negotiations happening behind the scenes. This small yet significant act reignited the discussion around Boostio’s future.

Looking Ahead to the Roster Shuffle

Another intriguing tweet from Boostio’s mom was in response to a question about whether 100T could assemble its roster before the Red Bull Home Ground event next month. Red Bull Home Ground in Tokyo is set to begin on November 3, and 100T is a confirmed participant. However, as of now, they only have three active members of their starting roster under contract – bang, Asuna, and Cryocells.

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Boostio’s mom’s response hinted at the possibility of EG “loaning” Boostio to 100T for the event. This scenario could be a win-win for both organizations. EG could maintain its current roster stability, and 100T could benefit from Boostio’s expertise for the event. It’s an interesting proposition and adds another layer of intrigue to Boostio’s future.

A Contract Countdown

Boostio’s own comments during a recent stream added fuel to the speculation fire. According to him, his contract with EG is set to expire at the beginning of 2024. This expiration timeline could be a crucial factor in his potential move to 100T. If his deal with EG concludes at the start of 2024, it opens up the possibility for 100T to wait for the contract to end and then offer Boostio a contract without triggering an EG buyout clause.

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Boostio didn’t explicitly confirm his move to 100T, but he certainly didn’t deny the possibility either. This ambiguity has the esports community eagerly waiting for official announcements and roster updates.

The potential transfer of Boostio from Evil Geniuses to 100 Thieves is a story that has captured the attention of Valorant fans and esports enthusiasts. Boostio’s mom’s tweets and Boostio’s contract timeline have only added to the intrigue. As the offseason progresses, all eyes will be on these two organizations and the decisions they make regarding Boostio’s future in the competitive world of Valorant.

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