Chinese Authorities Arrest 10 in Massive Valorant Cheating Scandal

Valorant cheating
23/09/2023 Chinese authorities crack down on the Valorant cheating scandal, arresting 10 individuals, with Tencent’s assistance. Thousands of accounts banned. | Credits: Valorant

Chinese authorities have arrested 10 individuals involved in the development and distribution of Valorant cheating programs, a popular online tactical shooter developed by Riot Games. The cheating scandal, which involved the creation of software that bypassed Riot Games’ Vanguard anti-cheat system, resulted in substantial profits for the perpetrators and disrupted the competitive integrity of the game.

The Valorant Cheating Scandal Unveiled

The crackdown on the cheating scandal began when officials from Yujiang Public Security received a tip about the illegal software in mid-August. Over the course of a month, authorities planned and executed raids across multiple provinces, culminating in the arrests of 10 individuals connected to the cheating operation. These arrests included two program developers responsible for creating the cheats and eight accomplices involved in their distribution.

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Collaboration with Tencent

The Chinese authorities worked closely with Tencent, a major technology conglomerate, to track down and apprehend those responsible for the cheating software. Tencent’s involvement highlights the seriousness of the issue and the determination of both law enforcement and gaming industry leaders to combat cheating in online games.

Confiscation of Evidence

During the raids, law enforcement officials seized crucial evidence related to the cheating operation. They confiscated a total of 17 computers that were used to develop and deploy the cheating programs. Additionally, eight cell phones were seized, which were believed to have played a role in the cheating process.

Legal Consequences of Valorant Cheating Scandal

The Valorant cheating software in question had generated significant profits, estimated to be over $4 million USD, for the developers. This substantial financial gain underscored the scale of the cheating operation. As a result of these arrests, nearly 40,000 Valorant accounts were banned for using cheating software, restoring fairness to the game’s competitive environment.

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Cheating in online games is treated as a severe criminal offence in China and various other parts of Asia. This recent crackdown mirrors previous actions against individuals involved in the creation and distribution of cheating software for popular games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Overwatch. While the recent Valorant cheat developers are facing legal consequences, the exact nature of their sentences remains uncertain.

The arrests of individuals involved in the Valorant cheating scandal represent a significant victory in the ongoing battle against cheating in online gaming. It demonstrates the commitment of both Chinese authorities and gaming companies like Tencent to protect the competitive experience for players. The crackdown serves as a deterrent to potential cheaters and emphasizes the serious legal consequences they may face. As the gaming industry continues to grow, efforts to combat cheating are crucial to maintaining fair and enjoyable gaming environments.

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