Your Guide to UC Purchases in BGMI – Because Who Doesn’t Love Some Virtual Bling!

step by step guide for UC purchase
1-Dec-2023 | UC purchasing guide |

There’s a good possibility that if you’re new to Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), you’ve noticed your friends’ flashy outfits, awesome weapon skins, and stylish X-Suits. So fasten your seatbelts, because we are about to reveal how you can get all that awesomeness with UC purchases!

The best battle royale game, BGMI, hooks you in with its thrilling action but also has a treasure mine of exclusive perks that keep you going back for more. However, the majority of the interesting stuff is paid for, which is where UC, the in-game currency, really shines.

What’s the Buzz about UC?

UC, short for Unknown Cash, is your golden ticket to unlocking the virtual closet of wonders in BGMI. Want that sleek Royale Pass or aiming for a surprise-filled Crate? UC is your passport to gaming glam.

The UC Packs – Your Shopping List

Before you start splurging, let’s peek at the UC packs waiting for you:

  1. 60 UC: A pocket-friendly ₹75.00 gets you started.
  2. 300 UC + 25 UC Bonus: More bang for your buck at ₹380.00.
  3. 600 UC + 60 UC Bonus: Priced at ₹750.00 – an enticing deal!
  4. 1,500 UC + 300 UC Bonus: A gaming treat at ₹1,900.00.
  5. 3,000 UC + 850 UC Bonus: Serious UC business for ₹3,800.00.
  6. 6,000 UC + 2,100 UC Bonus: Go big or go home at ₹7,500.00.
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How to Deck Out Your Inventory

Ready to make those UC dreams come true? Here’s your step-by-step guide:

  1. Tap the ‘+’ Button: Look for the little ‘+’ symbol perched at the top-right corner of your gaming haven.
  2. Select Your Pack: Choose the UC pack that matches your gaming ambitions. Whether you’re eyeing that Royale Pass or a crate full of surprises, there’s a pack for you.
  3. Payment Mode Dance: Once you’ve made your UC pack choice, the game will prompt you to pick your payment method. Credit card? Google Play credit? The choice is yours.
  4. Confirm and Celebrate: Hit that confirmation button like a pro, and voila! If all goes well, you’ll be greeted with a sweet “Payment Successful” message, and the UC will magically appear in your account.
Prime Subscription BGMI
1-Dec-2023 | Prime Subscription BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has some exciting subscription plans to take your gaming experience to the next level! With two options, Prime and Prime Plus, you’re in for a treat with exclusive benefits like daily UC rewards, discounts, and special privileges.

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Prime Subscription:

  1. Daily UC Rewards: You receive 3 UC each day, and you can make up lost time up to 5 times!
  2. Purchase Battle Points (BP): With BP, you can purchase special products that have a 7-day, 30-day, or even permanent expiration date.
  3. Discount Crate: Take advantage of a daily discount on a Classic Crate, which will help you get those awesome things at an affordable price.
  4. Extra Discount Item: You can access an additional discounted item in the in-game store whenever you refresh your inventory, giving you even more value.
  5. Outfit Sharing: With your pals on the same squad, share up to ten legendary or lower clothes to add some personalization and enjoyment to your games!
  6. Get the prime subscription award of 60 UC and vouchers worth 280 UC instantly.

Prime Plus Subscription:

  1. Increased Daily UC Rewards: You can now earn up to five times the daily 5 UC that you started with!
  2. Exclusive RP Rewards: Level up your game and unlock different rewards by earning 5 RP Points every day.
  3. Increased BP Purchase Rights: You can buy an even greater selection of exclusive things, such as seven-day, thirty-day, and permanent items, with Battle Points.
  4. Extra Crate Coupons: To purchase Crate Coupons and expand your collection, get 50 Arena Glory (AG) per day.
  5. Special Crate Coupons: Upon subscribing, instantly receive 120 UC in Crate Coupons.
  6. Exclusive Vouchers: Upon subscribing, instantly receive vouchers valued at 1,200 UC.
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A Word of Wisdom:

Now, if you’re a younger player or still depending on the Bank of Mom and Dad, a little heads up – virtual bling comes with real-world considerations. Before you hit that purchase button, chat with your folks. Their perspective matters, and involving them in your virtual shopping spree is not just courteous; it’s a smart move.

So, there you have it, fellow gamers! Your gateway to UC glory in BGMI. Time to shine in those stylish outfits and wield weapons that turn heads. Get those UC packs, load up, and let the gaming fashion show begin!

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