When will the BGMI A4 Royale Pass be available?

The BGMI Royale Pass A4 is almost ready to make its debut

BGMI A4 Royale Pass
29-Nov 2023 | BGMI A4 Royale Pass release date| At level 100 the ultimate legendary outfit!

While the gaming community waits for the BGMI 2.9 update, the focus is on the upcoming BGMI A4 Royale Pass. This latest version is primed to elevate the gaming experience to new heights, building on the popularity of its predecessor, the A3 Royale Pass. The A4 Royale Pass, which will be available in mid-JAN 2024, offers a host of new incentives and exciting features.

The BGMI A4 Royale Pass is almost ready to make its debut, with a release date set for the middle of January 2024. As players continue to explore the existing A3 Royale Pass offers excitement for the 26th edition grows.

Leaked Rewards in BGMI A4 Royale Pass

The excitement peaks with leaked details about the exclusive rewards tucked away in the A4 Royale Pass. Here’s a sneak peek at what players can expect:

  1. New Mythic Outfit: At the pinnacle of the pass, players can aspire to claim a futuristic-themed female outfit skin, adding a touch of sophistication to their in-game persona.
  2. Legendary Weapon Skins: The A4 Royale Pass introduces an arsenal of Legendary weapon skins, with the highlight being the skin for the DBS. Players can look forward to enhancing their firepower with these prestigious additions.
  3. Revamped Vehicle Skins: Rolling onto the battlefield will be a selection of revamped vehicle skins, transforming the UAZ, Dacia, and Coupe RB. Get ready to make a stylish entrance in these upgraded rides.
  4. Assorted Rewards: Beyond the headline items, players can also anticipate a variety of other rewards, from eye-catching parachutes and expressive emotes to stylish avatar frames.
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For the first time, Level 50 of the A4 Royale Pass will include an upgradeable DBS Shotgun skin. Panthera Prime DBS will be the skin’s name, and it will be able to be enhanced with the use of modification material pieces.

The level 100 legendary outfit will be female and themed after the Snowfall Supreme event.

Additional Rewards:

Complementing the leaked rewards are an array of additional treats awaiting players in the A4 Royale Pass. In-game currency (UC), silver fragments, and experience points are among the goodies that players can amass as they progress through the pass.

Unlocking the Royale Pass:

For those eager to embrace the full spectrum of rewards, the A4 Royale Pass can be acquired for 720 UC. Alternatively, players can opt for the Elite Pass, available at 1560 UC, providing access to even more enticing rewards, including the coveted Mythic outfit.

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Anticipated Popularity:

The BGMI A4 Royale Pass is predicted to become a fan favorite due to the tempting selection of benefits and the promise of an enhanced gaming experience. As gamers prepare to embark on this new virtual voyage, the A4 Royale Pass exemplifies BGMI’s dedication to keeping the gaming community on the edge of their seats.


The middle of January 2024 is more than just a day on the calendar for BGMI Mobile fans; it heralds the start of a future gaming universe with the A4 Royale Pass, which promises exclusive prizes and exhilarating experiences. The A4 Royale Pass’s complete contents and perks are yet to be released, but we can anticipate them to be announced shortly. Prepare to enter the next chapter of BGMI and uncover the future!

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