10 Best CSGO Features Missing in CS2 (CounterStrike 2)

25/10/2023 | Valve’s CS2 brought significant changes, but some beloved CSGO features were removed. Explore these omissions and their impact on the gaming experience. | Credits: Valve

Valve introduced CS2 with many new features and enhancements. In particular, the Source 2 engine helped give the game the new “refreshed” modern look it so desperately needed. However, the barrage of new features has not been without the removal of some of the best and most used gameplay elements in CSGO.

Unsurprisingly, this sparked a lot of criticism from players who were used to these gameplay elements almost 100% of the time. Therefore, in this article, we will look at the 10 best CSGO features missing in CS2 and reason whether it was worth removing them or not. Let’s begin!

1. Left-Hand View Model

Left Hand View Model in CSGO

Since the majority of players are right-handed (or “right-eye dominant” if you want to call it that way), the removal of the left-hand view model came as the biggest shock.

This CSGO gameplay element essentially allowed right-eye dominant players to hold the gun in their left hands. This, in turn, helped them peek around corners more effectively since the gun and hands no longer blocked their right-side view.

While players could previously activate this feature by using the console command code “cl_righthand 0”, Valve removed this gameplay element in its latest Counter-Strike 2 game.

2. Map Specific Agents

Despite being a first-person shooter title, CSGO did have a bit of lore and setting for each of its maps. Conforming to this lore and setting, each map had map specific agents that further enriched the overall user experience.

For instance, if a player used default agent skins in CSGO previously, they would play as the FBI on Nuke, SWAT on Office, and SAS on Dust II.

However, in CS2, Valve has now removed this gameplay element and replaced it with custom agent skins. As you may have guessed, players would either have to unlock or purchase these custom agent skins in order to use them on any CS2 map in the game.

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Unsurprisingly, this new feature has had players divided. Where half the players criticize Valve as being greedy, the other half of the players welcome this new initiative by the developers as it will now allow them to better express their individuality and style.

3. Mode Specific Weapons

Mode Specific Weapons in CSGO

And speaking of Map Specific Agents precisely brings us to our very next point:

Mode Specific Weapons.

In much a similar way to the second point, CSGO previously restricted players in the selection of weapons for each of its maps in order to conform to the map’s lore and setting. But now, this is no longer the case.

With the addition of custom agent skins comes the freedom to choose one’s own loadout that players can use in any of the Counter-Strike 2 maps. Additionally, players can also buy CS2 accounts in order to better personalize their CS2 experience.

4. Coaching Slots

Counter-Strike 2 is an eSports title by nature and its exciting FPS genre taps into men’s inner primal instinct for dominance. However, not all of us are born with an inborn talent for pulling off tactical moves and seamlessly coordinating with teammates.  This is where CSGO’s Coaching Slot gameplay element comes into the picture. While players could previously have a coach with them who would spectate their game and guide them as such, Valve removed this feature in CS2 citing that they want to preserve the integrity and spirit of the game by preventing coaches from becoming a sixth player.

5. Danger Zone

Danger Zone in CSGO

Though it was neither perfect nor worst, Danger Zone is definitely going to be missed the most. It was a battle royale gameplay mode that Valve introduced in order to counter rival BT games such as PUBG and Fortnite.

While Danger Zone had many intriguing features that made it stand out from the competition such as players choosing their spawn locations and ordering items with cash found on the map, it sadly didn’t get much attention from CounterStrike players who mainly sought the thrill of CSGO in the competitive mode.

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This is why, Valve removed this gameplay element in CS2.

6. Achievements

The Achievements section in Counter-Strike 2 is undeniably the first missing feature the majority of CS2 players noticed when the iconic FPS shooter game became available to the general public.

While CSGO has a total of 167 achievements to unlock, Counter-Strike 2 only a 1 “hidden” achievement. Ironically, this doesn’t require any special effort or skill in order to unlock it. You only just need to play one single game. That’s it.

Unsurprisingly, this had many players confused. After all the time CSGO players invested to unlock all 167 achievements, seeing them getting trashed by Valve without a second thought came as much bitter heartrending news.

7. Grenade Trajectories

Grenade Trajectories in VSGO

Continuing with the flow, not all players are equally experienced or skilled in Counter-Strike games. As such, grenade trajectories helped newbie players with their grenade throws as they highlighted the path the grenade would follow upon throw.

While Valve removed this gameplay element in order to further add a layer of realism in Counter-Strike 2, this decision obviously didn’t sit well with average CS2 gamers since every grenade throw will now be more of a trial-and-error throw which might or might not give them any benefit.

8. Bobbing Effect

Coming closer to the conclusion, head bobbing is another gameplay feature that Valve, instead of removing, forcefully implemented!

Yes, the bobbing effect is real when you move while carrying a gun in your hands. However, this visual effect was not popular with a vast majority of CSGO players and they simply disabled it using the console command “cl_bob”.

Despite knowing this, Valve removed the option to disable bobbing in CS2 in order to make the FPS game feel more realistic. And there is nothing much we can do here than to get used to this bobbing effect in Counter-Strike 2.

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9. Weapon Bullets Spray

Just like with grenade trajectories, the weapon bullet sprays have also become randomized. In other words, weapons had fixed bullet spray patterns while shooting in CSGO and could be countered by moving the mouse in the opposite direction. However, this is no longer the case in Counter-Strike 2.

Making the game even more strategic and tactful, weapon bullet sprays now vary depending on the player’s movement, bullet travel distance, as well as the recoil of the weapon.

While there is nothing much to argue here since this change is for the better, many players (even professionals) have been finding themselves out of sync with their intended shooting aim.

10. Wingman Maps

Lastly, not everyone always has enough free time to play a couple of regular Counter-Strike ranked matches till the very end. This is where Counter-Strike wingman maps come to the rescue.

Wingman maps are shorter versions of pre-existing maps in Counter-Strike and they are specifically made for swift 2V2 matches. These usually last for only a minute and a half for each round and follow a best-of-16 format.

While wingman maps are present both in CSGO and CS2, it is just that there are only 4 wingman maps in CS2 while there were 10 in CSGO.

To Wrap It Up

For good or worse, it’s clear that the majority of changes introduced in CS2 by Valve are for the better overall. After all, they do make the game more realistic. Yes, one could argue about achievements and number of wingman maps but there’s nothing much we can do here.

What do you think? Share your thoughts with us and let us know in the comments below!

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