7 Things You Need To Know Before Starting ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK Survival Evolved
ARK: Survival Evolved

Playing ARK: Survival Evolved isn’t that easy, especially if you are a newbie. The technicalities and mechanics of the game are a bit complicated to understand. Therefore, you need some background research before you start playing.

Even though getting started in the game can be a little complex, things will run smoothly once you get the hang. We have mentioned crucial things in this guide to help you survive the game. 

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1. Be Patient 

The game of Ark requires the players to be patient. It is not the game where you will finish the entire session within a couple of hours. The game will require time to prepare yourself and build yourself. 

Meanwhile, you will constantly have to be careful about dinosaur attacks and raids. If you want to minimize these constant attacks, you should try to pick a safe place to slowly build yourself in the game. 

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After you hone your skills, you can shift to a new area and combat the obstacles. 

2. Make Friends 

Ark requires you to make your own set-up; hence, having friends make things a lot easier. If you gather a tribe of friends, all of you together can guard the base. Moreover, you can share resources among yourselves, making survival a lot easier. 

Playing along with friends will help you achieve things quickly. But be careful while selecting your tribe, as some might be foes in the mask of friends. 

3. Your House Can Be Attacked 

Even if you build your house super strong, it can be attacked. Some dinosaurs can attack your base and destroy it completely. Not only that, but other nearby players will also be looking for chances to attack you. 

Moreover, plant-eaters like giant brontosaurus can cause problems that can crawl over the walls and damage your house. Therefore, you should try all possible things to keep these destroyers away from your base.  

4. Swimming Is Dangerous 

You will encounter dangerous creatures every now and then in Ark. While trying to escape these carnivorous creatures, most players jump into the water and swim. But swimming isn’t safe at all in the game

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There are a lot of marine animals like alligators, stingrays, etc., which are dangerous for you; therefore, swimming in the ocean isn’t a good idea at all. 

5. Food Spoils In The Game 

Storing food is again a difficult task in Ark. They get spoiled in the inventory, especially items like meat and fruits. Therefore, even if you keep a stock full of foods, you still have to keep collecting them so that you have fresh items even if the old ones rot. 

6. Dinosaurs Take Time to Tame 

You can’t expect to tame the dinosaur easily within minutes. Some dinosaurs get tamed easily with simple items like berries, while others take days. Giant dinosaurs like T-rex will be even harder to control and frustrating for the players. 

Ark will test your skills in this regard to see if you can retail your patience or not. 

Tools in The Game 

Tools in Ark are very important for your survival. But you don’t have to haste to upgrade the tools immediately. Focus on the basics for survival, and gradually you can upgrade them when the character also evolves. 

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Your first focus should be to build your base. For this, you will need the right resources and proper tools. The primary tools you’ll need to make your base are- a hatchet, ax, a pick, etc. Use these tools wisely to set up your base step by step. 

Pro Tip 

Keep a Bed In Your Base

Building a base is crucial in the game and what is even more vital is having a bed in every base. The two most important things about bases are- these are respawn points, and your character can fast travel between these beds. 

Final Words 

The above mentioned are a few of the essential things you need to know about Ark: Survival Evolved before starting to play the game. Hopefully, you found these things interesting and helpful and applied them in the game. For more queries, leave a comment below. Stay tuned for the next post. 

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