Five Best Games on Android in 2022

Here is a list of Top 5 android games , you can play now. The list is based on popularity and from audience point of view.

5 Best Games on Android for May 2021
5 Best Games on Android in 2022

Android gaming is achieving new milestones every year. Games like Apex Legends and Valorant which are popular on PC are all set to launch on Mobile. With the launch of these games. With the launch of new games, the Android Gaming scene seems to hit new heights again. Moreover, without any delay, let’s look at the list of the five best games on Android in 2022.

List of Top Games on Android for February 2022:


PUBG Mobile New Mode
PUBG Mobile New Mode

The game took android gaming to another level. The popularity of the game never saw a downfall since its release three years back. The game is still considered one of the best when it comes to Battle Royal.

The game rolled a new update based on the Godzilla theme. PUBG Mobile is famous for bringing new things to its map and adding new modes. The new McLaren edition had also excited the audience to play the game.

Call Of Duty: Mobile

Five Best Games on Android 2021
COD: Mobile

COD Mobile is intensely popular for its variety in gaming modes and for the deathmatch. It has both the FPS and the third-person shooting mode, and that makes the game more special.

The battle royal of the game is also very interesting to play. COD Mobile is free to play and it only costs for in-game purchases.



Fortnite Mobile
Fortnite Mobile: Top Five Android Games in 2022

Developed by Epic games fortnite is of the most famous games globally. The popularity among fans for this game is immense. Therefore, this battle royal tries to engage its audience as much as possible.

The new updates of the game make it more popular. The addition of new skin Beast Boy which will be unlocked by playing a tournament is just too good to entertain the audience.


Free Fire

Free Fire India
Garena Free Fire: Top Five Android Games in 2022

The game saw rapid growth after the ban of the famous PUBG Mobile in India. Now, it has its own fan base among them and is one of the most popular games. The battle royal game can be played on low-end devices and doesn’t take more than 15 minutes to finish a game.

Free Fire always brings audience go crazy updates in its game, for example, the Ronaldo character. However, the addition of new skins is one of the famous tricks of games to keep the audience engage with the game.


Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go: Top Five Android Games in 2022


Pokemon Go is the oldest among all others on the list. It was launched in 2016 and the hype it created was enormous. The AR game allows you to catch Pokemons in real-world with the help of your camera.

Thanks to its updates that never make the game old to play. Some more recent features include an AR camera mode, new Pokemon, and a bunch of other neat stuff.

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