Valorant Viper Lineup is Perfect for Locking Wins on Icebox

Valorant Viper Lineup
21/10/2022 | Valorant Viper Lineup can win you matches single-handedly. It is a task to learn the lineups. But it is surely worth it. | Credits: YouTube

Valorant’s icy tundra Icebox is Viper’s domestic turf due to the fact of the lineups on offer. If any controller shines on the FPS game’s stark location, it’s the poison firebrand geared up with a special Toxic Screen. Her smoke is equally effective for no longer simply blockading off the attackers but defending the planted spike. So when 4 attackers die selecting up useless duels, Viper and her Snake Bite stay the remaining hope.

Lineup maestro Light has proven a new setup that earns handy wins barring intention duels. Planting the spike is possibly the trickiest phase of this setup, due to the fact this lineup is in any other case effortless to replicate.

This setup requires Viper’s Poison Cloud (smoke), Snake Bite (incendiary), and killer movement. Here’s how to execute it:

  • First, plant the Spike on top of the tower, in front of the window.
  • Drop your smoke orb atop the Spike
  • Then zipline your way back to the attacker side spawn
  • Attach yourself to the right entrance pillar
  • Place the crosshair at the edge of the ramp’s ledge, as shown in the video
  • Activate your smoke Orb and equip the incendiary
  • Launch the incendiary to burn off the defuser

How Will This Valorant Viper Lineup Work?

The Snake Bite will land in the center of the window, dealing heavy harm to the defender’s decaying interior of the smoke orb. Viper’s Poison Cloud impairs the mercenaries like her pit, so any utility with bullet powder will shortly eradicate the decayed.

Unlike different post-plant lineups, this one works due to the fact it kills enemies quickly, lowering the threat of the spike being defused a ways away. To be safe, you may additionally launch each of the mollies with a few seconds hole to lock the spherical win. If you’re out of poison, Raze’s grenade, Sova’s dart, and Brimstone’s Molotov may additionally do the equal job.

While this is a useful post-plant setup, we don’t endorse reproducing it besides cover. You will want assistance to use the zipline and set up the first lineup to stop being shot at. Still, it’s protected to use in one versus one state of affairs if you have the enemy’s info.

Like enjoying Viper? Check out Valorant agent 21 Harbor, outfitted with a display comparable to Viper. Of course, a desirable toolkit is nothing barring wonderful aim, so it’s worth taking a speedy seem at the pleasant Valorant crosshairs and codes earlier than you hop into the competition.

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