New Valorant Agent Chamber – Release Date and Abilities


New Valorant Agent Chamber – Release Date and Abilities: Good news for Valorant players because the game has announced the name of the next agent with its release date. Well, Today in this blog post you will get all the information about Chamber the new against and Valorant’s upcoming updates.

Valorant Chamber Release Date:ย 

After a long wait, Finally, Valorant is finally going to release the new Agent in the game. The release date of the new agent is November 16, 2021, after the Act III update. Moreover, The company Twitter account says that the Chamber is going to be available in the game after the release of Episode 3 Act III and it will happen on November 1, 2021.

On the other hand, Riot Games have said in a blog post on their website that they will release a New Character or you can say agent in the game. They also say that the new agent will come up after two weeks of update.

What are the Abilities of Chamber?

Chamber is going to be the 4th Sentinel-class agent in the Valorant game after the Act III update. It is going to be a sniper and it’s been trending for months on the internet with the codename โ€œDeadeyeโ€. Moreover, he is going to be the 18th agent in the game with a badass personality.

This character is going to be extremely helpful when it comes to Defending and Securing in the game. You can see other Chamber Valorant abilities and his toolkit below:

  1. Trademark (C): Chamber has a trap that can scan for enemies in the range. Moreover, it also helps in catching opponents by creating a lingering field.
  2. ย Headhunter (Q): The next ability of Agent Chamber in Valorant is its weapons. This character is equipped with a heavy pistol and fires with the pistol to aim.
  3. Rendezvous (E): This is one the best for transportation, this feature helps him to create shortcuts. Chamber can teleport between two specific places of his choice.
  4. Tour de Force (X): Finally, the last ability of this character is it can summon a powerful sniper rifle. Moreover, the best thing about this sniper ruler is that it can kill the opponent with a single hit.

Trailer of the Valorant chamber release date:

I hope you like this blog post about the newest and 18th Agent in the Valorant game with amazing abilities. I like this agent and his abilities. What you think about it, let me know in the comment section!

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