5 Best Minecraft Data packs 2022: All Details

Minecraft datapacks
07/12/2022/Players can use best datapacks in Minecraft while playing the game/Credits: Guptesh Gaming YouTube.

While modifications are one method of enhancing Minecraft, data packs are a different approach that can be used to change the game’s functionality without mods or scripts. These packs aren’t only practical. They’re also a fantastic way to change your experience without requiring a lot of setup or customization. Thanks to the community, there is a tonne of data packs available because they’re simpler to use. These packs can resemble mods in many ways without necessarily needing to be installed and used in the same way.

Nevertheless, there are a few noteworthy instances to consider. If you want to experiment with data packs to improve your gaming experience. Although there is a good selection of produced buildings and dungeons to explore in Minecraft. The latter could use a bit more variety. Dungeons are typically just little enclosures built around a mob spawner.

Minecraft data packs Dungeon

Thankfully, Awesome Dungeon is a fantastic Minecraft data pack that includes a lot of buildings and dungeons that feature monster spawners and chests, exactly like standard vanilla dungeons. In diverse biomes, discover enormous jungle trees, swamp temples, witch castles, and abandoned mushroom tunnels.

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The three common zombies haven’t changed much throughout the years, but mobs have become more varied and aggressive. Standard zombies, husks, and drowned are available, however, they aren’t as varied as they may be.


The data pack Spryzeen’s Zombie Variants introduces a shift and significantly increases zombie variance based on location. With the help of this data pack, you can come across mummies in desert biomes, miner zombies underground, and zombies that live in swamps and jungles. Additionally, there are numerous other zombies to be found throughout the game’s various settings.

Music Replacer

For fans of fantasy, this specific data pack from lemoncakes11 on CurseForge is delightful. The developer claimed that using fantasy resource packs and texture packs while exploring the game tended to clash with the default in-game soundtrack.

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This data pack corrects this by substituting the latter with the ones that have gained popularity over the Elder Scrolls series. Jeremy Soule, Rik Schaffer, Brad Derrick, and other notable artists are among them.

The pack is a great resource for adventuring in a fantasy or medieval setting because it includes various well-known tunes from several Elder Scrolls games, including Oblivion, Skyrim, and Elder Scrolls Online.

This particular data pack from lemoncakes11 on CurseForge is excellent for fantasy enthusiasts. Using fantasy resource packs and texture packs while playing the game, according to the developer, had the propensity to clash with the audio.

Expand Borders

By replacing the latter with the ones that have become more well-known. Then the Elder Scrolls series, this data pack corrects this. They include well-known musicians like Jeremy Soule, Rik Schaffer, Brad Derrick, and others.

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The collection contains several well-known songs from several Elder Scrolls games, including Oblivion, Skyrim, and Elder Scrolls Online, making it an excellent tool for traveling in a fantasy or medieval setting.

Minecraft data packs villages

The communities in Minecraft are diverse, but the structures and decorations could be better. The Better Towns data pack replaces the present villages in each biome with far more elaborate structures, and this is exactly what it seeks to achieve.

Simple village houses and inexpensive materials are a thing of the past thanks to this pack, which updates them to feel much more substantial and welcoming.

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