Find Out What’s New in Fortnite Update 22.10 Hotfix Today

Fortnite sneakily added the Explosive Goo Gun without us knowing. Know everything about this sneaky hotfix over here. Also, with a bonus section.

fortnite goo gun update
11/10/2022 | Fortnite added the Goo Gun in Hotfix 22.10 | Credits: Epic Games

And just like that, Fortnite just rolls out an update out of the blue just to add some of the stuff that we anticipated before. Although, this isn’t the first time that Fortnite did it. We will cover everything about the update here and a bonus section for any new additions to the game files. So check out all the details about Fortnite 22.10 Update (Hotfix) today.

What’s New in the Fortnite Update 22.10 Hotfix Today?

Twitter hinted at a lot of rumors about the Explosive Goo Gun before. We knew that it was coming sooner or later. And finally, it is here. And not only the Goo Gun, but we also have the throwable launch pad (from the good old times) and Shield Bubbles. Like the many leaks from Fortnite before make sure to check out the last section on this page.

Explosive Goo Gun:

fortnite update 22.10 hotfix
11/10/2022 | Fortnite Explosive Goo Gun | Credits: Epic Games

The Explosive Goo Gun will be following the chrome theme in Fortnite. You can paint the streets in Chrome but that wouldn’t be its best usage. Rather make your enemies explode! As evil as it sounds, that’s quite literally what the Goo Gun does. Epic tells us that you can find the gun anywhere on the map. Apart from that, you can explode more enemies (until the update 22.20). It is one-time use and you’ll not be able to find any ammo for it. This is by far the hottest item added in Fortnite Update 22.10 Hotfix (only not for competitive players).

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Throwable Launch Pads:

Honestly speaking, if you’ve played Fortnite for a while now you should be asking “Why does Fortnite even remove Launch Pads in the first place?” And we’d absolutely agree with you there. Anyways, for the brand-new players, use these when you start losing health out of the zone. (Fortnite did take the trouble to explain what they are :))

Shield Bubbles Unvaulted:

Basically, Shield Bubbles are a portable shield that you can carry around. Epic did not give many details about this item. But, apparently, you can shield up as soon as you see your enemies or get hurt. Might be your best defense against snipers in Solos who may miss the headshots. You can even utilize them to make some strategic gameplay in squads/duos.

Bonus Game Files Updates:

Unfortunately, we don’t see any new game files added regarding any new skin. We do see two new emotes including Koi Dance and Tunak Tunak Tun. There’s a Photonic Striker which is a Legendary pickaxe. And we see a couple of Marvel sprays. Might be a hint for finally revealing another fun Marvel character in-game. And that’s all for Fortnite Update 22.10 Hotfix, make sure to keep checking our site for more such Fortnite news and updates.

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