Epic Games Now Makes it Possible for Winners of Every Match to Move Freely in Between Matches

Take a sneak peek at Epic Games' new changes that offer great quality of life features.


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Epic Games has made a small but significant change to Fortnite, allowing players to move freely after every match win. Previously, players were locked in place for a few seconds after winning a match, which could be frustrating if they wanted to celebrate or emote with their teammates. The new change allows players to move freely after winning a match. They can immediately start emoting, dancing, or building a victory ramp.

The change has been met with positive reactions from players, who appreciate the ability to celebrate their wins more freely. The change is small, but it makes a big difference in the overall experience of playing Fortnite. It allows players to express themselves more fully after a win, making the game fun.

Here are some of the reactions from players at Epic Games:

  • “This is a great change! I was always so frustrated when I wanted to celebrate my win but couldn’t move.”
  • “This is such a small change, but it makes a big difference. It’s so much more fun to be able to move freely after a win.”
  • “I love this change! It’s so much more satisfying to be able to celebrate my wins with my teammates.”
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The change is a welcome one, and it’s a sign that Epic Games is listening to player feedback. It’s a small change, but it makes a big difference in the overall experience of playing Fortnite.

What do you think about the change at Epic Games? Do you like being able to move freely after every match win?

What Changed? Before, players were forced to wait several seconds after winning a match before beginning building or emoting, as this could give an unfair edge in subsequent matches. However, they are freed immediately after winning matches to gain maximum advantage when starting new campaigns or matches.

Why Did the Change Take Place?

The change was implemented in response to player input: many found the previous system too restrictive, hindering celebrating wins with emotional significance.

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How Does the New System Operate?

As soon as players win a match, their freedom to move freely allows them to begin emoting, dancing or building victory ramps immediately after winning their match.

What Do Players Think? The new system has received positive responses from players. Many appreciate being able to celebrate wins more freely, while they feel it makes the game more exciting and enjoyable overall.

What Are the Consequences of Change at Epic Games?

Change may seem minor, but its potential effects could immensely affect Fortnite players’ experience. Allowing more free expression after a victory makes Fortnite much more pleasurable and entertaining.

Fortnite’s Future

While no one knows where Fortnite stands in future developments, Epic Games appears committed to making Fortnite even more fun and engaging by listening to player feedback regarding victory screen changes and making Fortnite even more engaging than it currently is. Fortnite on PS5 & PS4: How to Download and Play Fortnite?

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What Are Your Thoughts on This Change

Do you appreciate being able to move freely after each match win? Fortnite Hackers in Chapter 3: How to Escape From Them?

Here are some potential implications of change:

Celebrations could become more creative as players have more freedom after winning, allowing for more imaginative celebrations to make Fortnite memorable experiences for themselves and other gamers. This could make some truly unforgettable moments!
Fortnite could become more social. Players could now celebrate victories more readily among teammates – leading to an enhanced social experience within Fortnite.
Players will now have immediate opportunities to build after every win, so more intense and competitive matches could ensue.
Time will only tell what the full impact of this change will be, but clearly, this is an improvement for Fortnite; it will be interesting to observe its long-term impacts.

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