Is IShowSpeed Icon Series Skin in Fortnite Yet?

Is the IShowSpeed X Fortnite collab actually going to happen? Or is it just a bluff? Find out the answers to all your questions with us here.

ishowspeed fortnite icon series skin
9/10/2022 | IShowSpeed X Fortnite collaboration | Credits: MrTop5 Twitter

Fortnite has done many collaborations with various YouTubers and artists before releasing their skin in the game. We saw a lot of Icon skins in Fortnite before, but this one comes as a shock. We will tell you if the skin is added to the game yet or not. Although, it’d still be a valid question whether or not IShowSpeed has an actual Icon Series skin in Fortnite or not.

Who is IShowSpeed?

i show speed fortnite
9/10/2022 | IShowSpeed famous YouTuber and Content Creator of Fortnite | Credits: IShowSpeed Instagram

IShowSpeed is a famous YouTuber who is also a fan of One Piece. He started his channel in March 2016. He creates his content mainly around Fortnite, Minecraft, and some other games. With close to 12 million subscribers we can’t rule him out for the possibility of having his own skin in Fortnite. Moving to the more important question now.

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Is IShowSpeed an Actual Icon Skin in Fortnite Yet?

ishowspeed fortnite skin reaction
9/10/2022 | IShowSpeed reacting to his own skin in Fortnite | Credits: IShowSpeed YouTube

We still don’t know the answer to this question: Is IShowSpeed X Fortnite collab happening or not? There is a different section of skins in Fortnite for YouTubers, Influencers, and even singers. It is the Icon series and there is a huge list of skins including Marshmellow, Travis Scott, Ariana Grande, J Balvin, and even Bruno Mars.

We covered an article regarding the leaked/upcoming skins in Fortnite and those were from the files that were added in Fortnite 22.10 update. If we see an appearance of IShowSpeed in Fortnite, that has to be after a patch or the next update.

Why Was There a Commotion For I Show Speed in Fortnite Then?

According to the fans, in a recent stream, IShowSpeed ‘accidentally’ stumbled on the fact that he was going to make an appearance in Fortnite. We are still trying to find more updates on the same and will let you know on the same whenever possible.

The skin showed IShowSpeed in a red t-shirt and green shorts just as he has posted on his Instagram handle. The t-shirt also has the number 7 behind it after the famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. We are not yet sure if he’ll get his Icon Series or not. If so will we also get to see his cosmetics or not? The main reason for the commotion was that IShowSpeed uploaded a video of his reaction as he saw himself in the outfit we mentioned above.

And to bolster this fact he himself is a content creator of Fortnite. So it is totally possible that Epic might try to get him his own skin. Or we might be completely wrong and this might just be a bluff. And it may have set off a chain reaction in the YouTube trends. We will let you know for sure!

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