The Ultimate Guide to the Top Fortnite Escape Room Codes

fortnite escape room codes
Fortnite escape room codes

Players can try out Fortnite Escape Rooms. These are special game modes made by players in Creative Mode. Fortnite lets users enter codes to explore other players’ Escape Rooms. There are many creative and fun ones to discover.

An escape room: What Is It?

Fortnite Creativity Mode has a type of minigame called “Escape Rooms”. These locked chambers require players to solve crosswords, clues, and riddles to escape.

Escape room codes for Fortnite:

  • Escape from a Cruise Ship 1: 6697-1781-1082
  • Escape from a Cruise Ship 2: 4816-5359-0327
  • Escape from a Cruise Ship 3: 2798-4561-6810
  • The Agents’ Exit Number is 8512-0541-8119
  • Map of the Yacht Evasion: 2157-9440-2192
  • Escape Horror from Trick or Treat: 0488-5674-4701
  • Escape from the Farm: 8542-8143-4852
  • Office Escape Room number: 1425-2029-5505
  • 50 Steps Out: 5562-0386-0559
  • Call 4481-4367-0516 for the impossible escape room
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Popular Conventional Fortnite Escape Room Cheats:

Dungeon Prison crossword: 5970-3385-0426

Players are placed in a maximum-security prison in this Fortnite Escape Room scenario. The gateway leading outdoors has never been reached by anyone. Fortnite players need to get by security, avoid tricks, and use their creativity in the puzzle game Dungeon Prison. Most players spend an hour or more in this escape room, with some staying up to three hours.

Rooms with 100 guards: 6126-3353-7805

A great entry-level mystery for escape with lots of diversity is 100 Rooms. According to Gamers in Fortnite, one must conquer 100 minor chambers in place of one larger escape room to get through this puzzle. Compared with some of the trickier Fortnite Escape Room codes, these smaller rooms of escape are much less frightening.

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Graphical Escape in First Person: 1211-9143-2539

An original twist on Fortnite’s Exodus Chambers is a first-person visual escape. This map requires first-person gameplay, which may be unfamiliar to Fortnite users. The escape room is tough because it’s in first-person and has riddles to solve and things to keep track of.

Lost Palace Escape Map: 8524-0737-1977

This Fortnite escape room has acrobatics, puzzles, and an Indiana Jones theme. However, this map includes hidden regions and has a total of 17 levels.

In Search of a Hero: 0288-3341-2858

An escape room passcode geared toward beginners is Hero’s Journey. The unique simulation game aspect of this map sets it apart from other, standardized Fortnite Escape Rooms. To assemble an antique artifact that may vanquish the forces of the Dark King and his troops, gamers must gather parts from several artifacts. For group play with friends, the aforementioned escape room is fantastic.

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You may find a Fortnite Escape Room password on this page, whether you are a professional or a newbie at playing room escapes. If you’d like to enjoy the standard escape room expertise, begin using an entry code that belongs to the conventional escape rooms section. If you’re looking for some frightful thrills, however, enter one of the scary escape rooms.